Smith To Cowboys

No surprise in the first round as Tyron Smith goes to the Dallas Cowboys at No. 9. Good for Smith, who went to New York, unlike Jake Locker, who was selected ahead of him.

Draft Looming

The NFL Draft starts at 5 p.m. (PDT). Can Tyron Smith go anywhere besides the Dallas Cowboys or Detroit Lions? The mock drafts don’t seem to think so.
And who will Caesar draft? Why not trade up for Jake Locker, his favorite college player?

By The Numbers

And here’s the final spring attendance numbers for the SEC:

Alabama: 92,310
Arkansas: 42,000
Auburn: 53,209
Florida: 51,000
Georgia: 43,177
Kentucky: 4,000
LSU: 25,032
Ole Miss: 28,000
Miss. State: 36,357
South Carolina: 29,451
Tennessee: 35,891
Vanderbilt: 7,500

TOTAL: 447,927 (37,327 average)

2010: 430,228 (35,852 average)
2009: 455,232 (37,936 average) [SEC Record]
2008: 373,232 (31,103 average)
2007: 293,739 (24,478 average)