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Two sources in Heritage Hall said USC coach Lane Kiffin is considering a uniform change for the UCLA game next season. One idea would be a predominantly black jersey because the teams are allowed to wear dark jerseys for the crosstown rivalry.
The reasons are familiar: Recruits are attracted to Oregon’s many uniforms and it is cited as a reason for the loss of tailback De’Anthony Thomas. Arizona State will also wear an alternate black uniform next season.
Kiffin also wore black jerseys for a game two years ago when he was at Tennesee.

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  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Gee, Alabama had FOUR guys drafted in the 1st round and they don’t wear black jerseys. If Coach Sunshine is going to bend over for retards like Thomas, then go all the way, get day glow socks, shoes, helmets, jerseys, jocks, 9 foot flat screens and XBOX’s, Play stations, etc.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Oregon’s program was on the rise while USC’s future was/is in flux with no final decision having been made on the sanctions. If black jerseys mean better recruiting, those Sun Devils you mentioned would have out-recruited the Trojans.

  • huntingtonharvey

    NO. Tradition, academics, winning, exposure, and competition should drive recruits to USC not gimmicks. Come on Lane.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    talk about sugar sweeeeet scooops!!! wolfman, you are going to catch some heat on this one…’ol Bounce Pass is determined to flaunt every tradition held sacred by Southern Cal!! and who’ll get the blame? you, wolfie!!

    Black unis!!! oh, Mercy Nurse!!! as i live and breathe!! what’s next changing the name to the Southern Cal Ducks???

    and once again, you called it wolfman!!!

  • lbc trojan

    The decision to allow a USC team to wear black jerseys would be pretty pathetic. You can talk about catching up with the times and moving forward all you want, but USC is a special university that prided itself on tradition when I was admitted as a student. That tradition shouldn’t be pushed aside to make 16 and 17 year old kids (coming out of HIGH SCHOOL) happy. If they are more interested in what uniform they wear on Saturdays rather than their campaign to be an All-American, the scoreboard, or their legacy, then they can go be an Oregon Duck where they have ZERO national championships. If Lane Kiffin (or Pat Haden) allows this, I honestly lose a lot of respect for the football program as a whole.
    Fight on

  • uscmike

    So now USC is the Pittsburgh Steelers? Bad, bad idea.
    However, I think Scott is just stirring the pot, as usual.

    A few days ago, we had this post from Scott:

    USC athletic director Pat Haden said he approved the wearing of black socks at the annual spring game but did not anticipate the Trojans would switch from white socks next season.
    “I’m sure Lane (Kiffin) asked me and I said it was OK,” Haden said. “People are passionate about it and I’m pretty traditional.
    “I see no reason why we wouldn’t (wear white socks). We’ll talk about it at some point.
    I understand the tradition of USC football as well as most.”
    Haden said he did not notice the socks at the spring game. “Ultimately, we’re a tradition-bound institution,” Haden said. “The black socks this spring game was something to try and we gave it a try.”

    If Haden says “no” to black socks, then he will certainly say “no” to black jerseys.

  • Count_Blah

    I hope you get cancer, Bucket.

  • Trojan Conquest

    I’ve got to think this is just Wolf’s pathetic attempt to get more comments on his blog. “Sources”? I’ve got to think that Haden would never allow it. And just adding a black jersey to the existing pants and helmet would really look lame.

  • Tyler

    Haha. Pathetic Scott. Pathetic. Two sources? An idea? Who’s idea?

    You’re a joke.

  • SC for LIFE

    Trojan Rewind/Scott just wants to give us something else to talk about. He’s tired of seeing the the same old comments:

    “Scott you’re an idiot”
    “Scott you’re pathethic”
    “Scott you’re worthless”
    “Scott you’re a poor excuse for a journalist”
    “Scott you look like an Al Queda member”

  • AJTovar

    Bitchin’ jerseys you Trogans got there.

  • Trojan Conquest

    And the UCLA game would be the absolute worst game to do this (not that there are any games where this would be good). The whole reason to get both teams to wear their home uniforms is for tradition. And there’s no better aesthetically looking game than this one. Especially when they play in the sunshine and not at night.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Conquest, who said Kiffin was smart ?

  • Mickhooligan

    Haden had a hard enough time saying yes to black socks for spring game, no way he ok’s this.

  • USC Anteater

    No. At the USC-UCLA game I want to see the Trojans wearing Cardinal and Gold and the Bruins wearing Baby Blue and Gold. That’s it.


    The last time fucla played at the Coliseum, they wore the ugliest jerseys ever seen outside of Westweird. Let’s not drop to their level. Cardinal and gold are the school colors not black!

  • twenty-twenty

    Black jerseys are a horrendous idea!

    Should not be a consideration.

    Think more about winning some important games rather than a jersey switch.

    And, get a great baseball coach while you are at it!!!

  • jack

    You gotta be kidding me Kiffin! Memo to CLK, the last time someone jacked around with the tradition of USC was Larry “I have no clue on offense” Smith. Remember after the Freedom Bowl debacle against Fresno State, he popped off about the logo not meaning anything? That was the year that he changed the Trojan helmet logo. If you do not study history Lane Kiffin, you are doomed to repeat it.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    I dig the black jersies. I think Kiff is ahead of the curve on this one. Tradition is for old dudes who like option football.


  • sureshot

    Personally, I don’t give a crap about the black socks. The color of socks on a football uniform (provided they’re not dayglo yellow) is so insignificant, it’s almost not worth writing about. But to even suggest that USC would consider wearing alternate black unis is insane. Those unis look terrible. The classic Cardinal and Gold are some of the finest uniforms in all of sports. The Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers are the only football teams in the country that should be wearing black unis.

    The Trojans need to stick to tradition. Anything less would be uncivilized!

  • Gnossos


    “Smith, seemingly repudiating the Trojans’ storied football heritage, further inflamed longtime USC followers when he said: “Names and logos don’t mean anything. You don’t beat someone just because of your name and logo.”

    Within days of the Fresno State loss, Smith was fired with three years left on his contract.”

    He also let the players wear those little white towels.

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  • Rex


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  • cschow

    Glad to see Bruins and Trojans in agreement here. This is a terrible idea. I thought both teams went out of their way to make sure that for this game, both teams could wear the traditional colored jerseys.