Future Shock


This picture was sent to me by someone in the athletic dept. I’ve heard from other sources that the jersey might be altered from its original format so I cannot vouch for it. Those adidas cleats show someone was not doing their homework.
But it does give you a visual of the uniform I was talking about this morning and generally matches what I’ve heard from other sources.

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  1. What else should we expect in today’s America, where the atheists have imposed Sharia law upon us all?

  2. Someone in the athletic dept. who doesnt like you. The cleats should of told you this was b.s.

  3. From the atheltic department!? Wolf is full of shit ONCE AGAIN.

  4. New uniforms for all the other teams like ASU, Wash St, Oregon & Oregon State are all designed by a team at Nike. Not some clowns in the athletic department.

  5. are the pants rubber?

    those helmets do not look matta black like the oregon helmet.

  6. Actually, seeing everybody on here getting worked up about uniform colors reminds me a bit of my favorite King of the Hill episode, in which Hank wins a chance at big cash prize if he can throw a football through a hole in a giant beercan at the Superdome (or let Dandy Don Meredith try to do it for him, for a smaller prize).

    Once they’re in Louisiana, Hank is appalled at his son Bobby acting like a gay French-ified dandy, but when Hank sighs with awe at a pair of Cowboys “metallic blue” pants, Dandy Don chuckles, “Like father, like son.”

  7. This was not from the Athletic Department. It originated from a poster of wearesc.com…

  8. Don’t think this is creditable. If kids are so concerned by the colors of the uniform, I don’t think they are SC material.

  9. you’ve….got…to…be…KIDDING!!!!

    wolfman, you’ve gone TOO FAR this time!! this can’t be real!! they look like gol’ dang clown outfits!!!

    so before kickoff, is a little bitty car going to drive out to midfield and all the players gonna pour out onto the field?? HAWR-HAWR!!! 120 yrs of dignity and tradition, down the terlet!!!! oh, i can’t BELIEVE IT!!

    and are those WHITE SOCKS??? oh, lbc, wolfman is totally messing wit’ you, brah!!!!

  10. Best offseason day for hits in a long time. Wolfie you are a genius for concocting this whole thing. Speaking of Cheryl Cole, when are we meeting up at Nadine’s in Sunset Beach?

  11. I just wanna know how the tight end is gonna catch any passes without any arms.

  12. Petros had this up on his twitter and said on the radio that it isn’t put together by the athletic department, someone else put it together based on rumors.

  13. It’s an obvious rendering from EA Sports NCAA Football ’11. Specifically where in teambuilder you can design custom teams and uniforms. Here’s the link: http://www.easports.com/teambuilder#/home

    This is an obvious fake, why would “someone in the athletic dept” be using a kid’s video game to design the uniforms for a prestigious collegiate football team? As someone mentioned this was created by a fan and posted into a thread on the forum Wearesc. Pretty pathetic when you have to steal credit from an internet forum and then try to pass it off as if it’s some sort of insider information from a USC staff member. I guess this isn’t really a surprise though considering Wolf’s reputation.

  14. Somebody played a giant trick on Scooter Wolf and he fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

  15. LOL scott, are you serious??

    THIS IS A RENDITION created by someone who’s using EA Sports’ “TEAMBUILDER”…LOOK AT THE SHOES WOLF…THEY’RE ADIDAS SHOES!!! yeahhhh, the trojans are really going to come out w/ black helmets and adidas shoes (i bet nike would have a fit).


    there’s a feature called teambuilder (an online feature) where you can customize your college football teams to your desire HAHAHA…

    WOW SCOTT…i feel really bad for you bro!

    if you don’t believe me, here’s a link to some creations kids have done with the online site…


  16. The all-Cardinal doesn’t look as bad I imagined when someone was describing this picture here today. FACE IT: UNIFORM CHANGES ARE IMMINENT. Not a matter of if, so begin to open the mind now or jump out of a building later. If we’re playing on Friday nights now then what’s going to stop them from wearing seven different uniforms a year??

  17. Really Pat Hayden??? Really??? If I ever see that nasty uniform on the field, it will be the first time I walk out of the game early.

  18. I’m not in favor of the change but it still looks waaaaaay better than any powder blue uniform.

  19. If Cafe 84 Pizza is a graduate then I am terribly embarrassed for my alma mater. Sad.

  20. I agree. If the SC recruits are worried about uniforms, they are not SC material! What about tradition, for God’s sake! True SC material will be concerned about their pay, benefits, housing allowance, free car, SCanks at their disposal, etc. C,mon! Think Tradition!

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