Uniform Status

I want to be clear on the issue of the hideous alternate uniforms for the UCLA game. Meetings are being held at the highest levels of the athletic dept. to approve this concept. That means a reversal of course could still take place, especially if public outcry grows.
So everything I am mentioning is a current snapshot. It could easily be changed depending on fan reaction.

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  • SC for SC

    Say it ain’t so! Leave the uniform alone. It reminds me of an point/counterpoint editorial in the Daily Trojan in 1989 about changing the uniform to pink and gray. Tell me, please, that this too shall pass!

  • twenty-twenty

    Black Helmet is comical! The administration should be removed if they are considering a black helmet. The Yankees do not wear alternative caps and SC does not need a stinking black helmet. Think Notre Dame would wear anything but their gold helmet? Kiffin win some games and get over the uniform craze.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, you jest keeep oooooooooooooon scooopin’!!!!!


  • USCfan

    this is effin ludacris! this is not trojan tradition! those uniforms are gonna look like ugly high school unis. this is ridiculous and to think that the change is even being considered just sounds absurd. our uniforms are iconic! i will be dishearted and angry if this happens. wth is kiffin and the athletic department thinking!

    kiffin, worry about winning games and making sure the o-line is ready instead of changing tradition. seriously!

  • Trojan 70

    This wll never happen…Haden, McKay etc. will step in and squash this like a little bug if there is a morsel of truth to it. Remember folks, this is Wolf writing here. He is about as “Inside USC” as Charlie Buckshit.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Wolf just gave himself an out. When this uniform change does not happen, now he can just say “well, I said it wasn’t a definite thing.”

  • USC’89

    Winning games and National Championships is all that matters. Not winning while wearing a specific uniform. Did you know USC wore a gold helmet in 1957, similar to those used by Notre Dame? How did you allow that to happen? Oh the hummanity!!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    Wolf, come on and just ask Haden.
    And of all the games to do it, why UCLA? After decades, we just got back the tradition of both teams wearing their home uniforms. If they want to get more bang for their buck, why not against Colorado in a Nationally televised game, or the Stanford game?

  • LanceKiffin

    I was going to agree with Trojan 70 but then I saw a more respected and credible source over on WeAreSC.com report essentially the same thing so I guess I’m going to believe Wolf on this one.

    At first the notion seemed horrible to me, but then when I think about it, I don’t really see the harm. A franchise with a solid uniform tradition like the Lakers switched it up, adding Sunday whites, reverting back to the white numbers from the Magic era purple, etc.Heck, Notre Dame busts out the green jersey from time to time, Ohio St. and Alabama recently did one game Nike pro combat uniforms.

    Times change, brands and uniforms change, kids like it, it’s kind of fun to think about new looks, so what’s the harm?

    That said, I hate monochrome unis and the black helmet sounds even worse. So, I guess I’m in favor of the concept but not the current rumored execution. I’ve wondered what switching up to white or cardinal pants would do for the away uniform. Or, doing a one game throwback in 2012 for the 50th anniversary of McKay’s first NC.

    I root for the school, not the jersey.

  • VB’s Office Plant

    I am hoping they go with the tinfoil covered helmets for that shiny metalic look that is so in with the young hip crowd these days.

  • 611 gayley

    if lane tries something so stupid can’t the bruins make them wear white jersey’s

  • sureshot

    I don’t think Scooter has any inside sources and I don’t believe for a second that this is true.