Uniform Update

A USC official finally confirmed to me that several alternate uniforms are being considered for the UCLA game. The issue is under consideration but no decisions have been made yet, the official said.
Several uniforms are being considered, including the cardinal jersey, cardinal pants, black helmet version I mentioned this morning. Another version features white pants with cardinal stripes. Public reaction to the potential new uniforms was overwhelming negative today at Heritage Hall.

15 thoughts on “Uniform Update

  1. Or how about gold pants with cardinal jerseys? And maybe a carinal helmet with an appropriately sized gold Trojan on each side of the helmet? Add black shoes and white socks to finish off the look.

  2. I think the Black and Cardinal uni is sick… Then we can get our own Whiz Khalafia remix… Black and Cardinal, Black and Cardinal, Black and Cardinal…

  3. You are such a douche nozzle Wolf.”A USC official confirmed” … No USC officials will talk to you! This is all a figment of your warped imagination. Can we go back to discussing football, basketball, NCAA appeals?
    I realize it is May and there is not a lot to talk about but please…

  4. For the critics: Be open-minded. There is no harm in changing the uniform for one or two games. The “Oregon style” of football uniforms, for as much as I hate to admit it, is something we will have to get used to as football fans.

  5. of those suggestions only the white pants/cardinal stripes combo sounds palatable.

    no black above the calf.

  6. wow….wolfman has already won over the stubbornest of trOXan “traditionalists”!!

    face it trOXan, your precious unis have been defiled by Bounce Pass!! sugar sweeeeeet progress!! you go, Bouncer!!!

  7. What I want to know is why everytime I read a new story on this here Wolf seems to blame Kiffin for the whole thing? You do realize if there is a uniform change that means the entire Athletic Department and school president likley signed off on it right?

  8. So i know this jersey is aimed toward the younger crowd so i’ll say that I’m 21 years old and i hate this idea. our jersey is iconic and to change tradition is just insane. those color schemes that they’re considering is ugly. Kiffin, win games and worry about getting the o-line ready instead of changing our jerseys

  9. Also, has anyone else read Jon Gold’s Inside UCLA site? Longer posts. Actual information. Investigative journalism. I think this is the first time I’ve ever been envious of anything associated with the baby blue and gold.

  10. For more detailed info about the team, I tend to look to Lev’s blog at the OCR. Jon Gold seems to want to take his blog in that direction, which is fine if that’s what he wants. But I still come to this blog for the vulgarity and shenanigans, the anti-Wolf insults, Wolf’s stubborn insistence on running the blog his own way, and the lack of censorship (usually). I think of this as a milder version of wildwestsports.com. Not all USC blogs need to be the same.

  11. Wolf’s blog is like Extra or ET. A bunch of superficial nonsense not intended to inform or educate but rather to mildly entertain. This is sort of like the Wild West, anyone can say anything without any restrictions other than the writers own sense of right and wrong, which is not all bad. Jon Gold’s blog is pure vanilla, horribly boring in my opinion. If you want to really know what is going on at USC, the Michael Lev blog at the OC Register is the [place to go.

  12. Whoever in Heritage Hall thought this was a good idea should be fired immediately.

  13. Maybe they should go old school and not put names on the jerseys.

    Kiffin, Haden, et al.: Rule #1 of USC Football – Don’t **** with tradition.

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