Silver Star Details

Here’s some details on Jerry Jones’ Silver Star Merchandising, which signed USC to a 10-year agreement to license, manufacture and distribute athletic apparel.
USC is Silver Star’s only client and the company was just formed by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
The company tried to sign Texas in 2009 and is currently talking to Ohio State.
The deal does not include apparel worn on the field by USC teams or apparel worn by USC athletes. That is handled by Nike.
Silver Star will sell USC jerseys, shirts, hats, etc., with the school logos. Silver Star has the right to sign deals with other manufacturers.

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  • DixieTrojan

    Suddenly the “uniform-change talk” makes sense. I assume Nike is feeling a little bit of the heat from USC and they are trying hard to keep Haden & Co. happy.

    This is the first move by Haden that I think is very brilliant. Since Silver Star only intends to manage premium brands (USC right now being their only account other than the Cowboys), they will treat SC’s logos like absolute gold.

    I can finally buy USC apparel again without having to make sure it’s not from Nike anymore.

    Down with Nike!!! Bwaaa hahahaha!

  • Fighton93

    I hear that – Nike has never given SC the respect or attention if gives to Ohio State, Miami, (obviously) Oregon or even Michigan when they had them. What did we expect from a former Oregon/Stanford alumnus owner?

  • NOBS

    Can’t wait to get my new T Shirt with Job Hopper’s pix and 50 year old joke written on the back.