Kiffin Curve

USC athletic director Pat Haden spoke about whether Lane Kiffin should be judged differently because of probation.
“It has to be graded on the curve to a certain extent, right?” Haden said. “It’s not entirely fair what he’s going to be competing against. This is still USC. I expect we’ll play really hard next year.”

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    The NCAA report: “We believe there is irrefutable evidence of a lack of institutional control at USC. We believe that SC knew Reggie Bush’s family was on the take. We believe that an assistant coach, name to be undeclared, conspired to help out Bush. We believe that other infractions took place, too many to itemize, that indicate SC deserves the worst penalties of this generation.”

  • ThaiMex

    Sounds about right…And…”could be” we haven’t heard the last from the NCAA when it comes to SUCks football. Because of their actions while at TENN., Orgeron and Kiffy cold still be TAGGED….and don’t forget about the Adventures of joe NcKnight…
    Boy….when you guy’s screw do it right!
    Wehhhh, Wehhhh, Wehhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sanction On Limbo U!
    The Curse has JUST Caught up with you!

  • Yoda

    much confusion i sense in Kiff.

    the Dark Side clouds everything, hmmmm?

    using The Force, the only way to success is.

    intimidated by the task ahead, he remains.

    remember, he must: “do, or do not.

    there is no try.”

    quoth Yoda.

    meditate on this he must.

  • USC Anteater

    LJ, that is a quote I have not seen before in the press. It at least answers one question that seems to be raised the most from USC fans and journalists, that, yes, the NCAA gave USC egregious penalties, and they agree that the penalties were egregious, even historically out of line with penalties that have been given to other institutions, but only because they thought that the violations were equally egregious. So when we compare these penalties to the SMU case, having read language like “worst penalties of this generation,” one gets the idea that it was exactly the SMU case of which the NCAA was thinking. I would like to know more about the “other infractions, too many to itemize” and how the program has addressed those, since it seems that the committee has gone far beyond just the Reggie Bush case to determine these penalties. As a fan and an alumnus, it gives me pause to wonder what else, besides the Reggie Bush case, the committee saw at those hearings to add smoke to the fire. I hope we don’t have to wait until the ESPN “40 for 40” documentary to find out.


    Anteater, I think LJ was making a sarcastic joke with that quote.


    Sorry, USC Anteater, but WESTWOOD ROB, is correct, I was being somewhat caustic, but I should not have put it in quotes.

    I think I am venting. I am angry and feeling hurt. SC sports have always meant a lot to me, ever since I was a little boy and dreamed of playing quarterback for them.

  • sureshot

    I have to assume LJ is paraphrasing and projecting his own idea of what the committee was thinking. Otherwise, that’s one of the most unprofessional, unfounded statements to come from a national organization is quite some time.

    The fact that they “believed” such things like Lloyd Lake was some sort of booster, despite Lake not even coming close to fitting the established profile of a booster is still shocking to me. As corrupt/incompetent as the NCAA has proven to be over the years, this still takes the cake. And when they continue to pass on the Newton pay for play scam and the tOSU-Five tattoo/car/Tressel lie scandal, it will register little more than a yawn across the inept world of sports journalists and life will go on.

  • Gnossos

    Just ask COI members, Dee, Conboy and Potuto what this is all about……restoring Miami, Notre Dame and Nebraska to prominence.

  • Rick Neuheisel? Cmon

    restoring the bruins will take a lot more than this.

  • ThaiMex

    Paralegal dumb-$hit…Stupid…just plain stupid!
    Sanction On, Stabber U!
    You are the CURSE.

  • NOBS

    Right, ThaiGreaser, LJ is stupid. Not a smart guy like YOU are. BTW, next time, hold the hot sauce.