Answer Saturday! (Part 3)

In this segment, a coaches’ tour question.

USC’s had a Jekyll-and-Hyde attitude about the coaches tour. Initially, the media was not supposed but the past few years the media is allowed to attend if they desire. I usually have friends who attend the meetings so I do not because I don’t want to be a distracting presence. I was keenly interested in whether questions would be asked the first week about alternate uniforms and my sources told me it was the main topic, which I found interesting.

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  • SC for LIFE

    What’s interesting to me is that you still can’t put together a paragraph without sounding like you’re in grade school.

  • Edward

    I think Johnny Carson did this. Scott, you have to open the envelope, and reveal the question.

  • USC Anteater

    Good thing there isn’t a cheerleaders’ tour. I can definitely think of someone who would be a distracting presence.

  • obama the jew hater

    Or an English slut tour, then Baldy would REALLY be on top of it.

  • “Count” Smackula

    What a Sugary Sweeeeeet scooop!!!! Wolfman, you are officially bigger than the sport you cover!!

    If you had shown up, all the focus would have indeed been on you!!! Your style and charisma have taken over the Southern Cal program!! Much as the Cadre has overrun this blog with charm and wit!!

    Ok, I want a group howl for the Wolfman on three…1,2,3


    Nice one, guys!!