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In this segment, a reader points out an apparent fact about Charles Cale, who recently endowed the athletic director’s position.

Q: SCFTBL1 said:
Are there any Vegas odds on Ricky New-weasel being fired after another season without a bowl? Looking at the schedule I see a 4-5 win season and a losing record at home. What do you think?

A: I think the biggest concern is not the roster but whether the players believe in Neuheisel. I’ve heard players at UCLA express dissatisfaction because they lost respect and feel he cannot back up his words. This is not inconsistent with what happened at Colorado and Washington, although he won initially there.

Q: marvgoux said:
Is the Charles Cale who endowed the athletic director chair at USC recently the same Charles Cale who lived near OJ in 1994 and testified March 31st 1995 in his first trial?

O.J. Simpson trial: Testimony about Simpson’s trip to Chicago

(Court TV) — Developments in the murder trial of O.J. Simpson from March 27-31, 1995


The day’s testimony once again focused on whether O.J. Simpson’s Ford Bronco was parked at his estate at the time of the murders.

Charles Cale, a neighbor who lives within one-quarter mile of Simpson’s home, testified that he did not see the vehicle when he walked his dog around the Simpson estate between 9:30 and 9:45 pm on June 12.

He further testified that on June 13, at around 7am, he noticed the Bronco parked on Rockingham at a weird angle.

Cale’s testimony was consistent with the previous testimony of Brian Kaelin and limousine driver Allan Park. Kaelin said he and Simpson returned from McDonald’s at about 9:35pm. Park said he did not see the Bronco when he arrived at the estate at about 10:22 pm.

During cross-examination, defense lawyer Robert Shapiro tried to show that Cale was inexact about the times and that he was set up by the prosecution to come forward to bolster its case. However, Cale, who has nothing to gain from his testimony, stated that he did not realize the position of the Bronco was important to the case until January. He also explained that he noticed the Bronco because cars were rarely, if ever, parked on Rockingham.

ANSWER: I can’t remember him testifying but I I think he is. Why? Court transcripts lists Charles G. Cale as the witness. Charles Griffin Cale endowed the athletic director’s position. By the way, Cale is also very close to Phil Knight. I heard they went to school together and Cale was on the board of Nike.

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