Baseball Wrap

Well, the season ended with a thud as the Trojans lost two of their final three games against Washington State. After being tied for fourth, USC (25-31, 13-14) finished in seventh place in the Pac-10.
Maybe the best thing Frank Cruz did this season was go 2-2 against UCLA. Chad Kreuter was 3-11 against the Bruins.

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  • Trojsteve5

    A big thud in final two games being outscored 23 to 3 at home by a team who was 8 – 17 at that time. Was there for both games it was sickening to watch. Only one other team in Pac-10, last place UW lost over thirty games overall like USC. Appears first six in conf. will be invited to the tournament. An eight game losing streak plus a six game losing streak along with these last two losses way too much to overcome for a winning record. Now eight out of last nine years no tournament while National Title banners wave outside of Dedeaux Field. The best thing that happened is having Tom House retire (nicely stated) at season end. Need a hitting coach too while the staff is being reorganized.

  • twenty-twenty

    Trojans did not beat either Cole or Bauer.