Halfway Done

It’s hard to believe that with eight commitments, USC is now past the halfway mark of its recruiting class for next season. Those last seven scholarships are going to be very interesting especially with only one official offensive line commitment. Of course, I’ve previously written that USC’s cooled on one of the eight commitments, wide receiver Jordan Payton, so maybe it’s really seven right now.

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  • thekatman

    Verbal commits aren’t the same as signed commits; therefore, SC has a wide open class to sign. How many “strong” verbal commoits did SC lose on signing day over lately? How about Mante Teo & Burfect to name two.

  • obama the jew hater

    USC wouldn’t take Teo’s fudgepack love boy and Burfect is dumber than Obama.

  • Daniel Frankel

    I noticed that from 2007-2010, SC only averaged giving out 18 football scholarships a year. Seems like the real impact will be well below 30 scholarships.

  • troganfan

    I like how you spell burfict wrong while pointing out how dumb he is.

  • ThaiMex

    Typical Nubsie (Obama)kind of post…complete w/misspellings…If it looks like a Pig, Walks like a Pig, and smells like a Pig….it’s gotta be Nubsie.
    Yea, i know,….you didn’t want Stanley, Henderson, Burfict, Mante Teo, Torian White, Dietrich Riley, or DeAnthony Thomas because you were perfectly happy with James Boyd, Blake Ayles, Malik Jackson, Jordan Campbell, and Byron Moore (and others)….OOPS!…I forgot those guys Jumped off the sinking ship and transferred.
    Sanction On, Cheat On, STABBER U!
    You guys are cursed.

  • NOBS

    The only curse SC has is having greaser tacos and dumb $h!ts like bRinB000b posting on our site. We could care less whay you think about SC.

    As far as recruiting goes, EddieO will do his usual great job and Kiff will land the big fish.

  • The MonopoIy Is Over Here

    Speaking of halfway done–NOBBS, my darling, you said you were coming back to me, sweet lover. I am not complete until you take me to paradise once again. I need you rough, strong hands all over me, NOBBS.

    I am wearing my Pete Carroll mask, like you wanted, NOBBS. Take me again NOBBS, (bending over) take me NOW!


  • USC Anteater

    Interested to see if we have some Seantrel Henderson-like backing out on these verbals because of commits because of the denial of USC’s appeal.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    One of the eight commits is gonna be an early enrollee. We can bring in two early enrollee’s this January against the 2011 class dumb dumbs….

    So far the rest of this class is shaping up as “Beast Mode”.


  • NOBS

    mono, put your wife’s face mask on. I’ll feel right at home.

  • ThaiMex

    nubsie (obama….)
    So which is it…”could care less”…or….”couldn’t care less”??????? You are too dumb to be a TRoxAN….Nobody…, not LBC, not Freethinker, not even science5 makes the stupid kinds of mistake you continually make. You must have gone the SUCks “extension” route…You know what I’m talking about..SUCks North Campus…aka Trade Tech. Is it true…the last time you showed up at the senoritas class…she told you “No Mas, No mas ?”…because you were HOPELESS?
    Fite un, Cheat on, Sanction on, LIMBO U!
    Limbo U, How Low can you go?

  • NOBS

    TGreaser, at least I’m not a beaner. Where did you get your GED? Loser. hahahahahahaha ROFLMAO