Answer Monday!

Memorial Day answers include more on Ohio State.

Q: I DIg Go Go Girls said:
With the recent news that Ohio State basically ran a car dealership for it’s players and the head coach and coaches probably knew about it,, will the NCAA reduce their scholarships to 15 or less for two seasons, give them a bowl ban and strip them of any championships won or will they slap them on the wrist like they did with North Carolina, Auburn, etc, etc?

A: I think the penalties should be harsher than USC. Now that Jim Tressel resigned, I fear the NCAA will act like that is a big part of the punishment and reduce the penalties for Ohio State. It’s just outrageous to think USC could suffer stiffer penalties for Reggie Bush over a case involving multiple athletes.

Q: The Ghost of John McKay said:
Do you think USC could dig up the old tapes of my Sunday coaches show and get them on DVD ?

A: I think those tapes would be stored at whatever local TV station offered the show, if they even kept it. If anyone knows, post the info here. A lot of those shows were not archived in those days.

Q: obama said:
Do YOU think USC should sue the NCAA, it’s not like they can get stiffer sanctions?

A: It would be great to think USC would get some relief through the courts from the harsh nature of its penalties but I don’t think they would be successful. One question would be whether USC received due process and the case (and appeal) took so long, I don’t think that would be a valid argument.

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