Question Of The Day

Do you think the NCAA will punish Ohio State as severely as USC following Jim Tressel’s resignation?
Yes No Don’t know   

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  • para’s

    The answer, of course, is no. Unlike the PAC “11” the Big 10 has a commissioner who will not put up with any substantial penalties. The unfair communists at the NCAA will state publicly that OSU “really didn’t do anything wrong, this was a Coach Tressel issue.” Behind closed doors the infraction committee will laugh and joke between themselves, knowing full well they are not to be held accountable for any decisions they may come up with. I would expect a five scholarship reduction as a token penalty.

  • miguelito

    the ncaa is just jealous

  • jack

    Wow small Miguel. Did you come up with that witty statement on your own or did you and your dad, Charlie Bucket, stay up all night collaborate on that one?

  • sureshot

    Accountability. The NCAA lacks it and we reap the rewards.

    The NCAA will act as responsible/consistent as it needs to, which at this point is “not at all”. Until the NCAA experiences a sea change, starting at the top, the nation will continue to look at the National Collegiate Athletic Association with jaded eyes, knowing corruption runs as deep as the Mississippi.