Answer Tuesday!

Finally done with last week’s forum with a question on whether I now believe the NCAA sanctions were correct.

Q: Son of CharIie Bucket said:
wolfman, i am inferring that by you withholding immediate comment on the sanctions, you are re-thinking your former position that they were excessive.

your prior defense that the school could not be expected to know about Reggie’s antics seems empty given the fact there were many signs that were ignored (how about Reggie on the magazine cover w/ his car??). not mention phone records and photos of McNair partying with the New Era Boyz and Reggie. are you you now prepared to brave the Nattering Nabobs and declare the NCAA was correct in this case??

A: I’ve said the NCAA sanctions were excessive because they involved one athlete and I did not agree there was a lack of institutional control. That is not a defense of Todd McNair. I’ve never defended him. Whatever evidence was presented in the NCAA case, there were too many warning signs to simply ignore him. But did that merit a 30-scholarship reduction? No. Bush’s car was in a magazine for everyone to see. But I’ve seen plenty of better cars driven by athletes from USC and other colleges over the years.

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  • in sheep’s clothing



    Boy, the Ugly Bucket just lives to nag and taunt ol’ SC.

    Good for Wolf, showing a little rational reasoning. Not that it would ever change this Ugly bruin.

  • SC for LIFE

    Buckshit- why don’t you refrase your question and ask it AGAIN next week. Nothing more entertaining for us readers to see the same question, over and over and over…

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    easy boys, so the wolfman refuses to listen to reason, his ONE weakness is his misplaced loyalty to Southern Cal.

    i can’t believe he subscribes to all of your vainglorious dribble. i am champing at the bit for the day Southern Cal is foundering at the bottom of the Pac 12!!! right LJ?? šŸ˜‰


    Reggie Bush bought a ten year old car…Terrell Pryor has 8 cars. Nothing will happen to the buckeyes!

  • malachi crunch5

    Ha. Nice work Scott Wolf. Way to school that blogger!
    That blogger got schooled!!!