Open Forum

It’s time to take more questions post-NCAA, post-Jim Tressel. One per person please.

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  • Amanda P

    Scott, what do you think about leaving Coach Fickell at OSU until the NCAA issues the death penalty? Then hire Pete Carroll for the ultimate challenge to the “Win Forever” mantra. What could be more of an opportunity to prove yourself than rebuilding a program? I mean, sure we love him up here in the NW, but every NFL coach says goodbye eventually. (Sorry, I had to plagiarize myself from another post that I commented on.)

  • Brad’03

    There are a whole lot of theories out there regarding why Cheryl Cole was fired from The X Factor:

    1) Her Newcastle accent was too difficult for American audiences to understand.
    2) She had bad chemistry with Paula Abdul.
    3) No one had heard of her in the US.
    4) Homeland Security did not approve her work visa due to an arrest for assault on her record and she had 24 hours to leave the United States.

    Another major theory is that she never fully recovered from her outlandish appearance on her debut day at the Galen Center where she showed up in some weird clothes and completely over the top big hair which Simon Cowell mockingly compared to Chewbacca. Do you believe into the theory of Wookiegate?

  • Sam Gilbert

    So after adding Scott Starr, USC now has two linebackers to go with two offensive tackles, three wide receivers, one fullback and one running back.
    What positions do you think the Trojans should be looking to fill with their final six spots, are their any particular players the school is pushing hard to fill them and how likely is the school to land those players?

    Most importantly, how good must the recruiting class be to help us get over the loss of Cheryl Cole?

  • The Ghost of John McKay

    In the last forum, I asked you if USC could find my old coaches shows and get them on DVD. I would assume that my son, JK, would be a good source to find out if any of the old tapes, most likely from channel 2 since that’s where Tom Kelly worked when he interviewed me, would exist or if the family had copies or maybe Tom Kelly would know..

  • BBPeps13

    What is the strategy for the class of 2012 recruiting class in terms of numbers? There is the 15 scholarship limit per class but there is also the 75 total scholarship limit, and with only 13 graduating seniors that means there can really be 6 recruits in this class. Of course some might leave early opening up more scholarships, but I doubt that enough will leave to be able to sign a full class of 15 which seems to be what the coaches are going for, plus there is only 1 OL in the current commitments so more are needed (Armstead want to play DE).

  • obama the jew hater

    Has the EPL become a joke since only 3 teams have won the league title, aside from Blackburn in 94-95, in the last 20 years? And why do you edit my screen name, it’s the truth.

  • Ryan


    Would you agree with my assessment that the 2012 season is USC’s best chance to make a run at the pac-12 title and a BCS bowl? Of course USC’s chances are largely dependent on if both Matt Barkley and TJ McDonald stay for their senior seasons.

  • NOBS

    What would you think about having the NCAA let ALL the universities have a “clean slate” (because you know there are going to be more and more programs get in this mess) and from here forward, one slip and the death penalty?

  • dtksr1

    Scott, the un-equal harshness of NCAA sanctions from an obviously stacked deck in the committee (you just don’t place a member of the arch-rival in a group and ask them to be fair, and not be questioned)is starting to wear thin on the trojan family. Part of that annoyance is the reaction to lay-down when overly kicked, by the President (who was the provost at the time of these rule-breakings and ultimately responsible) and an AD who was begged to take over the sports dept. While I am not suggesting Haden is trying to protect his mentor, John McKay when talk comes to comparing him with PC, but SC was sanctioned during MCKay’s rein too. This all smells and like one of your posters said earlier, now that the NCAA has dug in on the SC sanctions, what will SC lose if they do threaten & sue the NCAA, especially if Ohio St. is given lesser sanctions? The only trojan that was willing to call “a spade, a spade” was MG when he said, this is all about envy from those who wished they were trojans!If MG was still AD, this scenario today would have been very different! You don’t try to destroy the top 1 or 2 program in all of college football and expect the programs overseer’s to laydown!

  • miguelito

    do you think any of these commits will stick if SC only wins 4 games next year?

    are both Lane and coach O being punished by the NCAA? and when will these sanctions be know?

    it would be funny if slow lane and fast eddie O were given recruiting restrictions.

  • BoscoH

    Scott, I got in an argument with a Tennessee fan about whether Lane Kiffin might end up as the next head coach of An Ohio State University. This fan was adamant that AOSU presented a very unique coaching opportunity that Kiffin could not pass up. Do you think there is any chance that Kiffin could leave for (An) OSU, or is Tennessee fan still upset that USC is a more desirable program, even with scholly and bowl game restrictions, than Tennessee could ever be?

  • trojancr

    Hey Wolf

    Last year you were right on the money when you predicted Robert Woods to be the freshman to have the biggest year,(aside from Farmer RW 2.0) which of the fresman will have a RW like impact on the team?


    Will you be in Palm Springs Friday?

  • bestlakersfan

    Scott, I posted this in the previous week’s forum (5/24/), but since you said that you are done with that forum, here it is again.

    Scott, let’s say you have 8 (7 now since Starr has committed) scholarships left (assuming Payton is out), what would your breakdown by position be of players you’d get? Any particular guys you are keen on which you believe USC truly needs? Would you cut out any of the 7 who have already been given scholarships?


    Are you happy with the way Barack Obama has run the country so far, or do you now regret voting for him?

  • gotroy22

    Scott, is it true that we didn’t sue the NCAA over the unjust sanctions because Nikias was in charge of compliance under Sample?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Wolf, how will USC’s appeal loss impact UNC and Ohio State considering that their coaches were a major part of the NCAA violations? It was widely assumed that Coach McNair should have known about Bush’s activities but how could UNC and OSU present their NCAA case when their coaches played a major role violating rules. Could USC sue the NCAA for damages if both UNC and OSU get a slap on the wrist? Sorry for the multi part question and thank you in advance.

  • marvgoux

    Why don’t you fly up to Seattle and scoop the nation with the first post-appeal interview with Caesar? He has been noticably silent since the bad news came down last week and the Seattle PI reporters haven’t been able to pry him out of his hiding place in Gig Harbor.

  • Mike

    I apologize for being so tedious as to ask a legitimate question but here it goes: Will SC be eligible for inclusion in the AP poll and if so do you think they’ll be rated pre-season?

  • Zumberge Era

    Cheryl Cole’s father abandoned her family when she was young and she later found out her parents were never even married. Cheryl’s husband, soccer player Ashley Cole, was caught repeatedly cheating on her and she found out about it through the media. Cheryl’s professional mentor, Simon Cowell, promised to make her a big star in the United States, only to end up firing her after two weeks in America and publicly humiliating her. Will Cheryl ever trust men again?


    Scott, like everyone else, I have assumed we are limited to 15 scholarships/year for the next three years, but recently I have read the following in local LA papers:
    [1] the NCAA recently raised its’ limit for yearly scholarships from 25 to 28, thus we can bring in up to 18 as long as we stay under a 75 limit.
    [2] we can bring in any numbr of players we want in each of the next three years as long as we stay under the 75 limit.
    While I think these articles were written in error, I wanted to run them by you for your thoughts.
    If either article has any truth to it, it would seem to be a big help to us because of transfers, academic violations, etc.
    Many many thanks, Scott.
    PS Hopefully related, if we bring in 15 next February, and say two are academically disqualified from being admitted, could we then sign 17 the following year?
    Thanks again, Scott.

  • Obama, now that’s offensive !

    Did you find Haden’s comments that when he arrived the athletic department was ” in shambles” appropriate and was he referring to morale, inadequate or unqualified staff, too many chiefs not enough Indians, the prior AD was unqualified for the job and hired too many sycophants like PC did?


    Scott, if Haden hadn’t waited for NCAA approval, do you think we would have signed a better and higher quality class last year? If you were Max, would you have sued the NCAA? Sorry for the multi-part question. Please just answer the first if you think it’s too much,[but I’ve been a good reader and haven’t asked ANY questions for a month—lol]
    Thanx, Scott, for your time, and for the forums.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman: you know the Cadre is your most loyal fan base. however, we are shocked and confused by your apparent blackout of the Tyler story. this involves Southern Cal’s leading rusher, and involves crimes for which he could conceivably he sent to jail for! this is bigger than Hammy-Gate or Uni-Gate!! we can’t fathom why you think this story is not newsworthy! why no police involvement?? why the news blackout?

    it can’t be privacy issues, the story has been widely reported (including the LAT) and the school published the events in it’s crime log AND Tyler has admitted he was involved in the two assaults, AND even admitted to one of the assaults.
    so my question (4part):

    1) why no Daily News reportage on this story?
    2) why were the police not involved?
    3) isn’t is school policy to report sexual assaults to the police?
    4) Kiff’s comment? is he even aware of this?

    thanks for your kind attention to this important news.

  • “Count” Smackula

    Now the BCS has finally stripped Southern Cal of it’s ill-gotten Championship, I wonder why it is that Bounce Pass Haden was so quick to give back Reggie’s Heisman Trophy almost a year ago, but held on so jealously to the crystal ball trophy, despite the face the win was vacated by the NCAA over a year ago and the vacating of that game was not something that was appealed.

    it doesn’t make sense to treat Reggie any harsher than Southern Cal should treat itself, considering the overwhelming evidence is that a coach (you-know-who) was complicit in the scandal.

    sure doesn’t look good…so why the delay?