Former USC QB Matt Leinart at the Hermosa Beach Arts Fair over the weekend.

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  • Rick Neuheisel? Cmon


  • LanceKiffin

    OMG!! OMG!!!

  • mg’slobotomist

    He was actually head of the football toss for the carny company, but was demoted because he could not get the ball in the hole. Now, he is in charge of the large blow-up slide. Congrats Matty at least you have a job!

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Something tells me that Leinart made more money last month than mg’slobotomist will make this year including his allowance.

  • Was he holding a clipboard?

  • NOBS

    BB00b, he was holding your wife’s panties.

  • Sam Gilbert

    NOBS = For the Win!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    the wit and wisdom of Winston “NUBBS” Churchill!!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Charlize Bucksh*t was also spotted at the H. Beach fest. She had a tube top on and short shorts. I think she was trying to solicit Matt. However not even all of Slik Rik’s makeup could cover up that nasty mustache on her lip. No bueno….

  • NOBS

    BTW, BB00b’s wife was wearing a thong. Brought a whole new definition to “Whale Tail”. WOW. HUGE.