Garrett Award Winner

Last week, the Bay Area Trojan Club gave out the annual Mike Garrett Award to the player who performed the best on the Northern Califorinia road trip. Robert Woods won with his three touchdowns and 224 yards receiving against Stanford.
But shouldn’t Garrett have won himself? Who can forget his performance in the Bay Area last June.
“As I read the decision by the NCAA,” Garrett told boosters in the Bay Area.. “… I read between the lines and there was nothing but a lot of envy. They wish they all were Trojans.”
“Today I got a purpose for really wanting to dominate for another 10 years.”

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  • NOBS

    And don’t forget he told TJ Simers to “shove it up his @$$”. MG is the MG Award winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Hell, I thought the MG award went to the USC Law School student who failed the Bar exam the most times.

  • dtksr1

    Scott Wolf… I salute MG 100% as the only administrator present or past with the guts to speak the truth about the NCAA! Every true trojan needs to write these now famous words and post them where they can be read daily. Mike Garrett, I salute you…fight on!

  • DixieTrojan

    @ I Dig Go Go Girls: No, that law student did not receive the Mike Garrett award. Instead, they were made the head council for USC during the NCAA investigation and appeal. I heard USC paid $10,000,000 for their services.

  • Mike

    Mike Garrett gets my admiration for telling the truth about 1) the NCAA, 2) all non-Trojans (they all wish they were) and 3) T.J. Simers. Fight on, Mike. P.S. thanks for presiding over the greatest decade in SC football history and moving our basketball team out of the crumbling Sports Arena and fisnishing the Galen Center (which two previous A.D.s could not do).

  • USC Anteater

    I nominate the Waite Phillips Hall elevator for the MG Award. It takes Trojans from the ground floor to the top, someone gets screwed, and then everyone goes back all the way down again. Kind of like what Mike did with Trojan athletics. Fight on, Mike, and thanks, but mainly for your outstanding career as a student athlete.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    MG was right about the NCAA, but his arrogance didn’t help either.

  • DixieTrojan

    Thanks to Mike Garrett for posting above. However, I’m not sure why he was referring to himself in the third person.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Sugar sweeeeeet post, wolfman!!

    you’re absolutely correct! Sith Lord Garrett torpedoed the “Appeal” with his crazy jibba-jabba!! i pity the fool!!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Man, re-reading arrogance in Garrett’s comments makes me super proud to rep Troy! I’m swelling my arrogant chest out like I just did a cycle of roids!

    Do I smell 12 and ooohhh??

    Where’s Chuck Trashcan? I feel like kicking something…

  • NOBS

    Wow. NOW all you guys side with ME and know the real MG. It will never be the same. Showboat & Job Hopper. Ugh.

  • standorf sax addict

    his arrogance? MG is right. Did USC get a fair review, especially when the “jury” of its peers included an ND loser? (nice work: cap our scholarship limits, but keep us on tv, so the irish can cream us)

    So what did groveling get USC? exactly.

    what’s galling is that USC belongs to a member driven organization, yet all the members are seemingly helpless to control the way the organization oversees its membership. this is an Orange County HOA on crack. The membership needs to turn these sanctimonious bureaucrats into eunuchs.

    Mr Garrett lead USC’s athletic department through its most dynamic period in the history of the school. He will always have my admiration for his steadfast principles and willingness to take the heat, so that others could achieve great things.

  • Trojan Rewind

    thanks to Mike Garrett for putting USC on probation twice…it’s takes a true legend to be able to do that…

  • sureshot

    Garrett didn’t even know where his balls were half the time. Didn’t know the names of legendary coaches. Didn’t know the names of his own coaches. The guy did some good things, but mostly, he was an embarrassment.

    Do you really think the football program experienced a revival BECAUSE of him? He didn’t even want Pete Carroll. Heck, he probably didn’t even know who Pete Carroll was. Garrett stumbled into some good fortune because he was the AD of USC. It’s like showing up to the club in a Ferrari with hundred dollar bills hanging out of your pocket. You’d almost have to try NOT to score. He would have had to try not to have success (cough, cough, baseball team, basketball team, cough, cough)

    For USC to be bad, or even mediocre, would take a confluence of ineptitude… that, or Paul Dee’s triple chin chairing the COI.

  • standorf sax addict

    what’s the average age of posters on this board? 70? how friggin’ cynical can these people be. i take Wolf for granted, but you sectagenarians (or gen Ys) cant have it both ways.

    your argument:
    Mike Garrett lucked into these situations and what an idiot he was, right. how can idiot be so lucky for nine years? and that building on figueroa and the one in front of the ol’ intramural field, that idiot was just lucky to be there, right. nobody makes their own luck, huh. neither did pete carroll, what a loser. we should have never hired the guy. he was a loser. people are static -they never change. we know this to be true. duh.

    get thee to a shrink:
    it’d be nice if some of you posters go see a shrink and deal with your anger, especially over the things you cant control. you hate Mike Garrett no matter what he does. be honest about it. if that’s how you judge strangers, i wonder how you judge your friends and family.

  • dtksr1

    I cannot believe some of the MG bashers out there who call themselves trojans. I challenge anyone to compare any former trojan AD in creating & building what MG did in just 10 years. I just wish you could remember back to what the athletic program was before MG became AD and look at its power today attracting enough envy from 99% of all other school’s fans and evidently the NCAA judged by what it did to try knocking this program down. Open your eyes people.