Quote For The BCS

USC does retain its AP title from 2004 even with today’s BCS action.
“We’ll still say it was a national championship season,” athletic director Pat Haden said.

11 thoughts on “Quote For The BCS

  1. classy, Bounce Pass, you are really starting to sound like Sith Lord Garrett, hmmmmmmm?

  2. Yoda said:

    Much anger in the cadre I sense

    Due to epic failure at Jackie Robinson stadium it is

    Near a complete meltdown, Bucket is

    Has various curses mixed up does the ThaiMex dude

    herh herh herh

    No need to meditate on this

  3. Hey Suckbucket –

    You’re lucky the NCAA doesn’t investigate UCLA. Imagine if you guys got stripped of your 9th place finish in the Pac-10 last year. Lol!!!!!!!

  4. Hey, I will admit that USC has suffered the worst humiliation in the history of college sports.

    However, if this is the only victory UCLA fans can get over USC then that’s quite pathetic for them.

  5. How apropos, coming from “SC for life”: well that sums it up, Bruins would rather finish last with an honest effort than finish first cheating.

    i guess that’s why we are the all time NCAA Champeeens with 107, baby!!

    cheaters do not prosper!! recall, we won a softball champeenship but our Aussie ringer Tanya Harding (yes that was her name) didn’t go to any classes that season. and you know what? why were the first ones to say “take the title back, we don’t want it if one of our people broke the rules”. dig.

  6. ThaiGreaser, he did mention Tyler as one of the 25 guys that did your fat old lady.

  7. Damn straight it’s a national championship. Damn straight.

    Bruin haters need to pay attention to the Reggie time line. SC did not influence Reggie’s recruitment with money. He wasn’t “ineligable” until Dec. 2004. Once again, how is this cheating? What advantage did USC gain? Bruins, you suck at debate worse than you suck at football. Give it a rest already. Jon Copper’s Bruin blog needs your pathetic group sob knob slobbing..

  8. Pat Haden is wrong. There is no “National Championship” in college football. There is the BcS championship and the AP championship. Neither is recognized by the NCAA.

  9. Trojan Conquest, well said. It’s true and has been for over 100 years… never been a playoff to call it a championship.

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