USC Dynasty!

USC is going for its second straight College World Series title when it faces Florida in a best-of-three series in Omaha. The University of South Carolina, that is.
Some former Trojan players of the past must be stunned that baseball fans might start thinking of South Carolina first when someone says “USC baseball.”

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  1. Wow Wolfie you are really on top of things! Hey douchebag, let me know when someone even comes close to winning 12 NCs in baseball. Please tell me that you are not one of these knuckleheads who is buying into the SEC is the almighty of conferences. You wanna talk about NCs in baseball let me know when ANY conference wins 26 NCs in any sport. We all know that you hate when SC has ANY success in ANY sport, because it will take away all of your saracastic ammo for this blig, but this is pathetic. Quit acting like a spoiled 7th grade little biotch!

  2. Well said, jack. Wolf lets his personality shine through on this blog with no hesitation, and despite EVERYONE that knows him making fun of him, he seems to not mind. I give him credit for not caring, but it’s gotta be sad knowing the only way for people to recognize you is to purposely be annoying. It makes up for his lack of any truly good work.

  3. Hmmm…wasn’t it Southern Cal who sued the real USC for using those 3 letters on its baseball caps? Whatta joke!

    and the real USC’s football team has a Heisman candidate and is a BCS challenger this year! Go Gamecocks!

    Oh what would the Lobo do without our ChuckerBucker to scoop this stuff?

  4. S. Wolf, Daily News USC Sports Writer. FYI, in the Southeast, the University of South Carolina are referred to as the “Gamecocks”, so as not to be confused with the WORLD RENOWNED USC TROJANS.

    You know, idiot, when I attended USC,the Daily Trojan was a piece of cr*p. The DT aspiring journalists thought more of smoking a joint with UCLA Coeds then they did covering Trojan Athletics; like the Trojan NCAA Champion Baseball Team (featuring Spaceman Bill Lee,a collegue of mine),the Trojan NCAA Champion Football Team (with three consecutive Rose Bowl apperances), the Trojan NCAA Champion Swim Team (featuring Aussie Roy Saari), the USC NCAA Champion Outdoor Track and Field Team (highlighted by Jamacan Lennox Miller,a two time Olympic Siver Medalist in the 100 yard dash and Bob Seagren, Olympic Gold Medalist in the Pole Vault),the Trojan NCAA Champion Tennis Team {with Stan Smith and Bob Lutz), and I believe the Trojan NCAA Champion Golf Team.

    In my 4 years at USC, the Trojans won more Men’s NCAA Championships then the “Cocks” in the “Cocks” entire fuc*ing history.

    Still Dickin’ around, hey Wolfie !

    Fight On !!!

  5. Fite on, Spit on, Grope on, YESTERDAY U!
    Anybody know a good lawyer so you can protect and own the new SoCal Trademark….U of Y ?????

  6. The bottom line is the Trojan baseball program is barely competitive now. History is fine doesn’t do a thing for the current fans and supporters. One regional appearance in the last nine years has taken a lot of the luster off great successes of years past under Dedeaux and some with Gillespie. One national title since 1978 (33 yrs.) with one other final game appearance is no dynasty in the making. Wolf can be sarcastic most times ,but this time the truth hurts.

  7. Hey Bucket, Yoda, Count ThaiBeaner – whoever you are at this moment. Let’s talk about the rich history of ucla baseball…how many NCAA chanmpionships? Thank you.

  8. Trojsteve5

    One NCAA Baseball Title in the past 33 years. You make a good point. Didn’t realize the program had fallen so far for so long.


    Indeed: USC Baseball = Yale and Army…..and UCLA football.

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