Answer Monday!

Wrapping up the previous forum with the defense the topic in this segment.

Q: bestlakersfan said:
Looking at the defense this year and the fact that it is their second year under Monte, I have a strong feeling that they will be very good. I would expect USC to be a top 20 D throughout the nation, and likely one of the top 2 in the Pac-12. The D-line should be dominante, the linebackers are above average and the secondary solid. What are your thoughts?

A: I think they should be better because it is Monte Kiffin’s second year though I think the jury is still out on defending spread offenses. I think the defensive line is above average, I’m not sure the linebackers are better than average right now unless the incoming freshmen make an immediate impact and I like T.J. McDonald and Nickell Robey in the secondary. But Tony Burnett’s making his first starts at cornerback next season and the other safety spot is suspect.

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  • Sam Gilbert

    Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick stated that he was offered as a tight end rather than as part of the offensive line, where many saw him playing in college. Considering the Trojans depth at TE and lack thereof at OL, do you see him switching positions at some point in time?

  • Sam Gilbert

    Damnit, this isn’t the open forum section…

  • dtksr1

    bestlakersfan- you have to do better than that… “Monte” was clue-less last year mis-directing the positioning & play-calling on the defensive side. Opposing teams ran up the middle, ran sweeps, ran counter-plays. And we haven’t gotten to passing plays yet. Look who were the leading tacklers on the team? The DBs & safeties. DUH… You saw what happened. SC lost games in the 4th quarter. That is the coaches, errrrrrr the Defensive coordinators fault. If SC had just played a straight basic defense, they would have faired better against a few of those damaging lonnnnng runs every game. Any other top team, he would have been removed, but you know who the head coach is. So you think Monte is going to will the defense to play lights-out D is year??????????? OK