219 teams on the list, including 10 Pac-12 schools. Only Stanford and USC are self-sustaining in the Pac-12.

  • miguelito

    ummmm, yeah, private schools operate like this.

    but, private schools like SC don’t need to comply with the Freedom of Information act.

    imagine if SC had to turn over all the emails and phone records during the cheating era (PC tenure) like Ohio St and Oregon.

    quit complaining and find another way to cheat so you can be back on top again.

    CHEAT ON!!

  • obama the jew hater

    Hey Miggy The Cockroach, can you imagine if St John would have had to over all of the files for his players having free abortions? Too bad your mom wasn’t one of them getting a freebie.

  • Trojan 70

    Hey Bucket, Miguelito, Count etc. What do you know about being on top? You are always on your knees.