Answer Thursday!

Some intriguing questions here regarding position changes and Mike Garrett.

Q: dtksr1 said:
Scott, you knew one of these questions were going to come… you can answer either. Who was the coach (name him) responsible for moving Kennard to MLB and kept him there all last season and now has put him on the line? OR,
Is there/was there a conspiracy going on with certain actions of those in authority now who let MG hang out to dry and are so willing to give-up/throw away the accomplishments of the past decade that compares favorbly to the MCKAY_Robinson years?

A: Lane Kiffin said he watched Devon Kennard in some drills and saw his speed and that he and his father (Monte Kiffin) decided to move him to middle linebacker. My understanding is the same pair made the decision to move him to the defensive line.
I would add that the Kiffins also decided to bench Chris Galippo last season, move him to weakside linebacker this past spring and send him back to the middle again. That’s either poor judgment or a shows true character by willing to adapt.
I’d like to hear more regarding your second question. I’m not sure what accomplishments are being thrown away unless you mean not suing the NCAA. I did have readers say Pat Haden said the dept. was a mess when he was hired at a coaches’ tour meeting. I have been critical of Mike Garrett on this blog but I will also admit that it is currently fashionable to criticize him. When I do, however, I’ve made sure to list specific problems, such as his antagonistic attitude to the NCAA.

Q: VB’s Office Plant said:
When will the gathering at Nadine’s Irish Mist actually be scheduled? Have you heard her latest song “Sweetest High”? Do you believe the rumours of a Girls Aloud reunion tour?

A: I think sometime in July will be good. Probably on a Monday night. I have not heard her new single yet but I do believe a reunion will occur especially since Cheryl Cole could use a boost after being removed from the X Factor.

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  • Jethro Sabbath

    Charlie Bucket, ThaiMex, Count Smakula, miguelito, Yoda and WEB Dupree have all confirmed that they will be at the gathering so that makes one person so far.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Brother Jethro, I do not go south of the Orange curtain. But I don’t claim to speak for the multiple other dudes in your post. The way things are going, I expect that if NDLarry returns during football season, you’ll accuse that guy of also being Bucket.

    Your posts have become the reverse of the famous “I am Spartacus!” scene at the end of Kubrick’s film — with you, Jethro, as the Romans accusing every captured slave of being Spartacus. “No, YOU are Spartacus! And YOU are Spartacus, too!”

  • NOBS

    Jethro, you are right. Add NDickLarry. And WEB, et al, STAY OUT of the OC……especially Newport.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Yoda’s attorney just rsvp’d so the total is now…………………….one.

  • VB’s Office Plant

    The entire Fake VB Posse will represent. Looking forward to it Wolfie.

  • Rick Neuheisel? Cmon

    eeehhhhhhh, not so fast my friends

  • The MonopoIy Is Over Here

    N0BS: what the hell are you talking about–“Stay out of the OC?” you live with me in a studio apt in Upland.
    No School within 200yds per judge’s orders!

    You should have said: NDLarry, WEB et al, Stay out of Upland!”

    These damn sanctions are driving us apart, sweet lover, come to me now, I need your big rough hands all over my body. Take me now, N0BS, take me NOW!!