Answer Thursday! (Part 2)

Will the most recent USC commit play tight end or offensive line?

Q: Sam Gilbert said:
Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick stated that he was offered as a tight end rather than as part of the offensive line, where many saw him playing in college. Considering the Trojans depth at TE and lack thereof at OL, do you see him switching positions at some point in time?

A: I admit to being skeptical when I heard USC added ANOTHER tight end. But I spoke to someone within the program who said he would probably end up an offensive lineman.
Now if he does get his wish to play tight end, I will find this decision dubious with the 15-scholarship limit and the Trojans full of tight ends on the current roster. So it is going to be one of those things that does not get settled until Cope-Fitzpatrick actually shows up at USC and starts practicing.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    I always wonder how smart it is for the player to decide where he’s going to play. What’s best for his future of playing in the NFL? I remember hearing that Russ Grimm came into college as a defensive player and was moved to the OL. He now is in the Hall of Fame as one of the greatest guards of all time.

  • Sam Gilbert

    When it comes to running backs, it’s just hard to tell. Sometimes players are just drawn to the glamour position when coaches know better.

    From what I understand, C.J. Gable was asked to play safety and Allen Bradford was asked to be a linebacker but both wanted to be running backs. C.J. went undrafted and is out of the league after bouncing around a bit while Bradford was just drafted in the 6th round.

    Maybe C.J. would have been drafted as a safety and maybe Bradford would have been drafted higher if he agreed to develop as a linebacker.

    But in turn – Who knows if Darnell Bing would have stuck somewhere as a running back instead of being moved to safety in college.

    Hopefully the switch from running back to fullback will serve Stanley Havili well…