Quick Thought

Is everyone enjoying/appreciating the final day of the Pacific-10 Conference?

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  • Trojan 70

    ESPN did a survey of the top football teams from the Pac 10 era. 1978 through 2011. Six or seven USC teams, a couple from Oregon, one from Oregon State, Washington and Arizona St. Guess which school did NOT have a single entry? That’s right, the baby blue bruins!! Not one team in 33 years was selected. Hey Bucket, how does it feel to suck for decades?

  • atleastdohngaveacrapaboutucla

    Two commenters nailed it. First, miguelito is correct. No one cares. The only thing less entertaining than womens pro basketball is womens amateur basketball.

    And of course, jdoggbruin’s assertion that gold is doing a lackluster job covering the mens bball recruiting is spot on. C’mon gold.


    Trojan 70, you mean to say the 1998 bruins did not make the list?– they should have won the national title that year if they had had a little defense. Of course, they did lose their last two games that year after sweeping through the Pac-10.

  • AJTovar

    I think the Poll was for best team of the Pac-10 ERA. Sadly, I wouldn’t have added any UCLA team either. Obviously Washington’s ’91 team comes to mind, your ’04 and ’05 teams, along with last season’s Oregon all deserve special recognition as they are a few of the only teams worthy of being considered the best of the Pac-10 ERA. As prolific as our ’98 offense was, Pop Warner teams could have run on that line.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    The football national titles in the PAC10 era:

    USC 1978(first yr of PAC10)
    UW 1991
    USC 2003
    USC 2004