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The governors in Colorado and Utah declared today Pac-12 Day. What would it take for a governor in a state the size of California to declare Pac-12 Day? A lot more than a cable network and a conference championship football game.

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  • obama the jew hater

    Moonbeam is trying to figure out how to tax the Pac 12 football games.

  • sureshot

    He’s also trying to figure out how to fix years of Republican Gubintorial ineptitude. Deukmejian, Wilson, Davis, Schwartzenegger, Brown. In the last 28 years, we’ve had 24 years of Republican leadership in Sacramento.

    Of course, the Democratic legistlative morons have done their part to screw it up too, but to even try to escape the proper amount of blame due the Republicans is asinine.

  • uscmike

    Sureshot: Gray Davis is a democrat, but your point is well taken. Frankly, the political parties care more about their respective party then their state, country, etc.

  • uscmike


  • schammer47

    Sureshot, 2010 California census:

    White = 14,956,253 (lowest since 1979)
    Black = 2,163,804
    Hispanic = 14,013,719
    other = 6,120,180
    Tota1 = 37,253,956

    California Tax Payers have a mountian of debt to climb that isn’t going away.

    The population increase over the past 30 years has come, not from domestic immmigration, but LARGLEY FROM foreign immigration.

    California Tax Payers have my sympathy.