USC finished 14th in the final Directors’ Cup with 990.25 points, which means the Trojans were edged by UCLA, which finished 11th with 1020.75 points. Stanford finished first with 1550.25 points while Cal was third with 1219.50.

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  • obama the jew hater

    Oh damn, if USC only had dyke softball and 139 other sports, they might win this meaningless “trophy”

  • UCLA vs. USC Athletically

    1. UCLA leads the nation with 106 National Championships
    2. USC the football school has NEVER been to a Final-4 in Basketball while UCLA has appeared 18 times winning 11 National Championships.
    3. UCLA the basketball school has 1 football National championship in football and one Heisman trophy winner.
    4. UCLA beat USC 8 straight years in football 1991-1998 while USC the football school has never been able to beat UCLA more than 7 times concecutively.
    5. During the Pete Carroll era USC created a thug haven:
    5 players arrested for rape (Frostee Rucker, Darrell Russell, Eric Wright, Hershell Dennis, and Mark Sanchez.
    1 for Assault & Battery (Rey Maualuga)
    1 possession of a fire arm (twice Winston Justice)
    1 for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer (Winston Justice)
    1 player for multiple DUIs (Josh Pinkard)

    Marc Tyler spitting on a females face, on one incident and on a separate incident sexually assaulting another (and he is still on the team EMBARRASSING!)
    1 for resisting arrest (Sharece Wright)
    NOTE: not one of these thugs ever got suspended, not even for a practice!!
    Multiple players accused of allegedly getting passing grades at L.A. Trade Tech while actually never having attended classes
    Dwayne Jarred having his rent paid by Leinnarts dad (NCAA violation)
    Reggie Bush and his parents receiving cash and benefits equaling $600,000

    NOTE: all the incidents listed above were while the players were current player on the USC teamthere are 17 other former players arrested for alleged crimes while in the NFL or after their careersfor example: O.J. Simpson murderer of two people.

    6. USC on probation with the harshest penalties since SMU received the death penalty 25 years ago
    7. USC the only school to ever have a National Championship stripped for cheating
    8. USC the only school to ever have a Heisman Trophy stripped.


    USC is jealous of UCLA for many reasons, among them:

    a. UCLA is located in the middle of some of the most expensive Real Estate in the world while USC is located in a gang infested area of L.A. thus properly earning its name University of South Central
    b. 67% of USC students are there because their admissions application was rejected at UCLA thus earning their title University of Second Choice.
    c. USCs rich parents must pay twice the tuition at USC and get half the education the students at UCLA get while the UCLA students pay half the tuition USC students pay, and get twice the education

    UCLA vs. USC Academically (UCLA beat USC on each of the following categories)

    So you see folks, there really is nothing to compare, UCLA is superior in every category, the only two things USC has an advantage over UCLA is:
    1. thuggery
    2. cheating

    USC Bites the big one!!! hahaha
    Have a nice day!!!

    Go Bruins!!!!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket


    the Gutty Bruins beat the trOXans again!!

    JUST as ChuckerBucker predicted!!!

    man, even I’M amazed at my prediction accuracy rate!!!

    recall the Cadre predicted the fall of the Garrett, Floyd and Carroll regimes, the severity of sanctions, the failure of the appleals, the outcome of the huge Ducks vs trOXans in football game last year, NUBSS’ application for gender reassignment surgery, etc, etc, etc!!!

    looks like i’m gonna have to dig my “Damn, I’m Good!!!” license plate holder out of the garage again!!!

  • Trojan 70

    bruin rob is back – must have lost his job again and has free time on his hands. All this from someone who never attended ucla, but rather CERRITOS. Living vicarioulsy with with a 4-8 football team two out of the last three years and no hope in the forseeable future. As mentioned above, take away “dyke softball” as you folks are nothing. How many football NC did you say you had? Wrong, you have 1/2. BAck to Cerritos bruin rob – where you belong.

  • obama the jew hater

    Nice bRUIN NOB, all that info yet a USC degree is still worth more than one from Westwood high.

  • oneillwatch

    Yes, Bruin Rob, you have “outed” us. You, the bucket and the rest of your ilk can’t seem to stay off this site long enough to go to the bathroom because WE are jealous of UCLA. Right. Most of us haven’t been the the little blue blogsite because we aren’t interested in UCLA or its pathetic little USC-obsessed fans.

    You should try and find something else to waste your time on rather than obsessing at our inferior little school in the “bad” neighborhood. We don’t care about you, why don’t you return the favor? Your manifesto indicates that you obviously feel terribly inferior to us, otherwise you would not have spent the past six months trolling the internet to come up with your little post. As far your comment on excelling at cheating goes, it would be hard to top Sam Gilbert. And John Wooden had no idea. Sure. Who needs a “Seven Point Creed” when you got Sam?

  • marvgoux

    USC was in the Final Four in 1954. We have never won a game in the Final Four.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    BruinRob: a virtuoso post, my man!!

    did’ja ever notice how easy it is to make lists of bad, er i mean “fun” things about Southern Cal???

    thanks, Lobo, for setting up another gladiator style match up…once again, it’s like Don Knotts vs Clubber Lang, and Clubber’s aaaaaaaaaall outta bubble gum again!!!!!

  • BruinRob

    @Charles, thank you!! it’s so easy to beat on these poor little defenseless trOJies I “almost” feel guilty!!!…NOT!!! hehehehe

    Gawd, it must really SUCk to be a trOJan.

    Go Bruins!!!


    Surprisingly, nothing was said about Stanford by the usual posters, a college not only out-shining both local schools academically but beating up on them athletically as well

    Now that is genius.


    Trojan Rob: Why do you have to be so derogatory? In some circles, the “D” and “F” words are just as offensive as the “N” word. You can have just said softball, but you show your immaturity by uttering an epithet.

  • Karrillo


    Close your eyes and picture yourself telling your son that you troll on USC websites and showing him your posts from today.

    Can you picture the look on his face?

    Did he seem proud or defeated?

    Did his shoulders slouch a little?

    Could you see your son’s heart breaking?

  • jack

    See if you can guess who I am? It’s 3:25 P.M. on a beautiful day in LA, and I’m sitting at my computer regurgitating useless facts about a school that is my sworn enemy. BRUINROB, you have some serious issues. Either you have no job, no family, no friends, etc., and posting here on the USC BLOG is your main source of enjoyment, or you are seriously demented. Karrillo, you hit the nail on the head with your post. Dude needs to get out of the house/your mom’s basement, and get a life.
    Speaking of beautiful days, I’m off to Zuma #7.

  • NOBS

    Jack, you are sooooo right. bB00b, aka JBoy, is a tool. Problem at SC is Showboat is going to load ou on girly sports and TRY to win the Directors Cup, which is a worthless piece of crap… all bRuin trolls. Off to The Wedge.

  • obama the jew hater

    Lawyer John, Stanford has the cash to filed a team in every sport, so how should they not win? In addition to the sports most schools have, ( football, baseball, basketball ) Stanford also has men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s water polo, men’s and women’s track, men’s and women’s swimming, men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s XC, men’s and women’s gymnastics, softball, men’s and women’s fencing, men’s and women’s rowing, men’s and women’s sailing, wrestling, women’s lacrosse, women’s squash and sync swimming. How can you not win with all of those sports? USC doesn’t field a lot of what Stanford does.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    thank you guys, the trOXan posts on here are priceless!!!

    from Karillo’s “Could you see your son’s heart breaking?” Sissy of the Year vignette to NOBS’ (who doesn’t even know how Brunch works) claim to be a rich surfer-boy. i wonder if the clearly disillusioned rants on this string would ring familiar to attendants at a mental institution? trOXans i know (who know my Bucket identity) cringe with repeated embarrassment at what passes for Southern Cal on this blog!!!

    but back on topic, isn’t it amazing that despite all those ancillary sports fielded by Stanford, the UCLA BRUINS still DOMINATE in total NCAA Champeeeenships? 107, baby!!! ahhhhh, the pride of being a BRUIN!!!

  • gotroy22

    Why doesn’t SC “have the cash” to field more teams? Seems like I read about another big bucks alum donating millions to the school every week. Do the administrators hoard the money and lose it in the stock market and on real estate?

  • @Karrillo, certainly you must be joking right?

  • @NboObs, off to the wedge? your wife was right, about you enjoying “wedgies” enjoy you G strings.

  • UCLA has the toughest academic standards in the country for student athletes (among-st the public schools), so obviously they’re not going after some goof-off thugs that USC builds shrines for. Go ahead and keep embarrassing yourselves recruiting thugs and second-class citizens that make up the nucleus of your embarrassing football program, that continues to be the laughing stock of college football – while we continue to pounce on you with superior education and superior athletics, and adding up more national titles to our already leading 107 AND COUNTING!! while you keep subtracting from your titles and your Heisman trophies.

  • obama the jew hater

    bRUIN NOB, you are so full of crap. Stanford, Rice, Duke, Vandy, Northwestern are all tougher schools for athletes than westwood high. FUCLA can get the blacks in on minority BS and run them through some mickey mouse major. Get a clue you troll.

  • Sam GiIbert

    It would appear that The Obama Hater does not even know the difference between a public and private university…which is not surprising, since people who never attended college are often fuzzy on academic nomenclature.

    I fear these non-academics falsely posing as Trojans are destroying what precious small bits of reputation we have left after the recent unpleasantness. 🙁

  • Jethro Sabbath


    Who is Duane Jarred? Is he the guy who does the Subway commercials?

  • Sam Gilbert

    So the “Sam Gilbert” that posted at 2:35 PM is the capital “i” as a lower case “L” again , but whatever.

    BruinRob – UCLA doesn’t even have the highest academic standards out of the UC schools in the Pac-12. Cal has that honor.

    Maybe you put UCLA on a higher-than-deserved pedestal after your “son” found out he didn’t have the grades to get in, or maybe you did that back when you failed to get in. Looks like the two of you finally have something in common, which is good since I hear you don’t even share the same DNA.

    (In case you’re having trouble figuring it out, I’m saying your “son’s” mother is a whore, a filthy, filthy whore.)

  • @Jetroll, I purposely misspell names of trOJans and their fans…but thanks for taking the time to read my post.

    @Sam Gilbert II – why are you so mean? AND try reading my post again I said “toughest academic standards for incoming ‘student athletes'” NOT students. geez!!!!

  • Sam Gilbert


    It’s cute that you throw in little caveats to manipulate facts. If you’re going to claim the academic excuse you need to match it up against all of the teams the Bruins compete with in the Pac-12. And it’s pretty easy to see why you don’t, Stanford debunks the claim that no school with high academic standards can’t win in football. They have the toughest standards for students and student-athletes in the Pac and they finished 4th in the nation in the final polls.

    And seriously, you can’t come over to a USC blog, try and instigate arguments and then pout because you feel people are being “mean.”

    Your arguments fail, just like you.

  • jack

    Bruin Rob, I have a question for you. Have you ever seen the movie, Big Fan, starring Patton Oswalt? It is a film that depicts the life of a self-described world’s biggest New York Giants football fan. He is 36 years old, lives with his mom, and works as a parking garage attendent. He barely makes enough money to survive so he cannot afford a ticket to see the Giants play in person. So he and his friend sit in the parking lot for home games, tailgate, and watch the game on a tv thats hooked up to a generator powered by his car. After each game, and most weeknights, he calls his favorite sports talk radio show and reads his “take” on the Giants, which he writes on a notebook he keeps at work, and tries to antagonize a certain Philadelphia Eagles fans.
    Could you be the west coast version of this guy, because it seems to me that you share the same personality traits: constantly running your mouth on your hated rivals blog, you have proven time and again you have no life outside of your rants against USC, and your only source of enjoyment is coming up with all these facts and figures on how FUCLA is a better school than USC. The only difference between FUCLA and the New York Giants is that the Giants have mixed in a couple of Super Bowl wins the last twenty or so years. What does FUCLA have? Nothing.

  • @Jack, you and I have butted heads several times here and elsewhere, so I get your animosity towards me as you are another victim of the ass whoppins i’ve dished out on sports threads.

    As for that character you’re referring to: I don’t live with my mom, I make a good living, and have been a UCLA season ticket holder for many years, I know many of the players personally, and members of the coaching staff, and I’m also a donor to the Wooden foundation.

    Even though I’m self employed and work long hours, I do have time to poke fun at USC, and riling you and the others up is so much daaaaaaaaam fun for me, like you have no idea. LMAO

  • NOBS

    Jack, you are again right on. bB00b is a tool and was schooled several times today. Priceless. While the rest of us enjoyed the 4th weekend, this fool wasted the day on this board. ROFLMAO. He’s self employed all right, nobody would hire a fool like JBoy. Hilarious.

  • @NboOBS – so how’s the wedgie in your a_ss? Are you still living in the 1 bedroom apartment in Stanton?

  • NOBS

    Weak JBoy. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day on this blog. Tool. I’ll be at the Wedge again. BTW, my dog enjoyed your old lady.

  • @NboOBS – to the wedge again? are going to pan handle again today, or you gonna try to pick up on some surfer boys? you freak.

  • NOBS

    JBoy, aka bB00b, saw you at the fun zone. Wow, cheating little boys out of tokens. Really! I must admit I didn’t think you even had a job. But selling tokens and scooping ice cream is more than I expected to see you doing. Congrats. UCSB or Bust.

  • Karrillo

    bruinrob, just because you wear a yellow blazer that you stole from a Century 21 agent doesn’t make your “real estate consultant” business legitimate.

  • @Karrillo – boy oh boy talk about stalking!! FYI I no longer work with C-21 and most the business I do is in the west side and Beverly Hills, may I interest you in some Real Estate? are you ready to upgrade from South Central?

    @NboOBS – UCSB beats the heck out of being a H.S. drop out like your nasty fatass.

  • NOBS

    UCSB sucks, just like your wife.

  • Sam Gilbert


    You answered a question while logged in as a fake Sam Gilbert. Priceless.

  • NOBS

    JBoy, got your “camping” space staked out at tin can beach yet? And your box of sparklers? ROFLMAO. Hope your wife didn’t forget the wieners, I.e. You & UCSB dbag! ROFLMAO

  • @Samuel – you accused me so much of posting as others that I just had to be Sam Gilbert and apologize in your behalf for your childish behavior, and I simply forgot to switch it back…in all honesty, that other person you were accusing me of being is not me…anyhoo it is priceless!! (I’m so embarrassed)

  • NOBS

    JBoy, aka bB00b, how was the cookout today? UCSB dbag play Vball? Or Hacky Sack with YOU! I’m sure the little lady loved the wieners, she always does. ROFLMAO

  • Jethro Sabbath

    I figured Bucket would make that mistake first with as many accounts as he manages but Rob messes up first.
    Be careful Chuck, you could be next.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Thanks for the shout out, Jethro!! Yes, its quite a challenge managing all those names. I keep them on a spreadsheet with the passwords for reference. in addition to the dozen active identities I currently use, I have some more on the drawing board. Normally, I audition the characters on another site first to get some marketing data, then if the demographics are looking good for dummies, chowderheads, racists and homophobes, I do an inside Southern Cal rollout.

    Possible future characters :

    Lil Jethro: a country bumpkin who uses a lot of reckons and yalls and sees conspiracies everywhere.

    Professor Irwin Corey: a Southern Cal professor who talks nonsense (should fit right in).

    El Lobo de Verdad: (the truthful wolf) the antithesis of scott wolf, who reports all important trOXan news, not some.

    oh Chucker, you’ve done it AGAIN!!!!

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Wow Chuck!
    That’s more involved than I ever could have imagined. Thank you for finally coming clean and for all of the time that you put in.

  • LMAO Chuckster I love it!! you ever consider comedy writing?

  • Trojan Dynasty

    UCLA vs. USC Athletically

    “1. UCLA leads the nation with 106 National Championships”
    — USC leads the nation with 79 Men’s Team National Championships. That number jumps to 90 with USC’s 11 football championships (UCLA has 72.. 73 with their only football championship over 50 years ago)
    “2. USC the ‘football’ school has NEVER been to a Final-4 in Basketball while UCLA has appeared 18 times winning 11 National Championships.
    — Actually USC is a track & field, football and baseball school. USC has won 26 Track NCs, 12 NCs in baseball and 11 NCs in football. UCLA has been to the College World Series… twice.
    3. UCLA the basketball school has 1 football National championship in football and one Heisman trophy winner.
    –Don’t sell yourself short, you are actually a “volleyball school” with 16 titles there waahoooooo!
    “4. UCLA beat USC 8 straight years in football 1991-1998 while USC the football school has never been able to beat UCLA more than 7 times concecutively.”
    — Actually USC beat UCLA in basketball, a then NCAA record, 41 games “concecutively” (sic).

    As for the rest of your post, we can go back and forth talking about UCLA’s criminals from purse snatchers to an inmate calling out hits on a judge. I for one am not interested in a pissing match.

    It is also important to note that the Heisman was not stripped from Bush, he turned the trophy back in to the Heisman Trust… but as we have seen, you are not very good with the whole accuracy thing.

    BTW: USC is 11-1 over the past dozen years. Can I get an eight clap?

  • NOBS

    TD, nice post. Have you ever heard of a Trojan wishing he/she was a bRuin? Enough said