Answer Monday!

Hey, time to answer some of those questions even on a holiday!

Who was or is the biggest jerk opposing coach ( BB and football ) that you have had to deal with?

A: Hmmmm. This is a tough one. Bob Stoops was no picnic during the Orange Bowl. And Nick Saban has not played USC but he was there too and is not a pleasant personality. Jim Tressel was never much fun when USC played Ohio State. Among Pac-10 coaches, Ty Willingham always seemed to be deliberately stiff and made every question an ordeal to get an answer. Mike Stoops can also be difficult at times.

Q: lvtrojan said:
Scott: I’m somewhat puzzled by the commitments being accepted because by my count only one of the current ten commits is a offensive lineman, Tuerk. Most of the good recruits at OL appear to not be planning to commit until the December of later. At some point can the staff stop accepting verbal commitments to keep scholarhip openings for would be offensive linemen?

A: USC will find ways to take offensive linemen they want even if they commit late. You saw Jordan Payton decommit last week and USC’s counted his scholarship for months. I believe they also are counting Jaydon Mickens’ scholarship for someone else too. So they will find a way to sign linemen.

Q: marvgoux said:
What is your opinion of the Jarvis Jones kerfuffle and was that the real reason why SC released him despite being our best freshman LB?

A: I think it is fair to say USC doctors are extremely cautious when it comes to clearing players with potentially dangerous injuries. I know Frankie Telfort’s felt he could get cleared by private doctors to play again but knew he would not get cleared by USC doctors.
Jones became frustrated with this and then he was not thrilled with the coaching change especially because he was close with Ken Norton. So going home became a viable option at that point. As I write this, it reminds me that Norton was not much of a coach but a decent cartoon/cheerleader character, which allowed him to foster relationships with some players.

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