What Crunch?

If USC is willing to take former Nebraska quarterback Cody Green it means the Trojans would have four quarterbacks on scholarship next season if Matt Barkley turns pro. What it really means is that the first year of scholarship reductions (75 total allowed) cannot be too draconian if Lane Kiffin thinks he can burn four on quarterbacks. Or four on tight ends.

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  • Evil Robot

    Well its good to see that you have come up with something to replace your complaints about SC having too many RB’s. SC runs double tight ends all the time. How many do you think they should carry… 2 or 3? We’ll also ignore that TE is one of the most versatile positions and guys could also switch to FB, WR, DE, DT OL and I’ll even throw in long snapper. Most of the Pete Carroll teams carried 5 or 6 going into fall camp.

    As far as the QB’s, I think it is more an indication that the coaches know that with three (Scroggins, Kessler & Wittik) all bunched up, someone will end up transferring. Happens all over the place. Also, assuming that you spread the “lost” players evenly, I would think you drop one guy from each offensive position group, except QB, because of the importance of the position.