Today’s recruiting rankings should provide plenty of fodder. Please watch your language.

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  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    “watch your language”….Shirley, El Lobo Mentiroso must be jesting! i’ll watch it allright, i’ll watch the downtrodden trOXans resort as always to ugly comments concerning racism, pedophilia, bestiality and sodomy, especially from those star-crossed pals, NUBS and Mono. Southern Cal you should be truly ashamed of the conduct of those who claim to be alums…

    as for the Cadre, we continue to be known as the “Gentlemen of the Internets”, know for our sharp wits, clean language and easy Bruin charm!!!

    sure, we’re tough, but we fight clean!

    ok boys, group howl: 1-2-3


  • popepatrick

    as an alum of USC, in my biased opinion everything at SC is superior to UCLA except for our AD. At least to his Many Faults Dan Guerrero did not back stab his predecessor to get his job. Pat Haden is a fool who can not even defend his University against a clearly flawed NCAA.

    Fight On with the exception of Pat Haden

  • @popepatrick – sir, may I respectfully ask what you mean by “SC is superior against UCLA”? because the last time I checked, Academically UCLA was ranked #13 in the world to USC #73…and athletically UCLA leads all schools with 107 National Titles and although our success in football has been nothing to write home about, our programs is run clean while USC’s is on probation for cheating and facing the second worst sanctions placed on a school since the death penalty to SMU…so again I ask you, where is USC’s superiority to UCLA? please be more specific. Thank you in advance for you civil reply.

    @NbOoBS, lick it!! chump!!

    sorry Pope, I couldn’t resist myself thinking of the animal rapist A.K.A. NOBS, the “poodle rapist” and abuser.

  • I just did a search for “college rankings”. The top Google search result was a US News and World Report article @

    It ranks USC #23 and UCLA #25.

    Here are some quotes from bruins regarding USC’s higher ranking found in a Los Angeles Times article:

    Jasmine Hill, UCLA’s undergraduate student body president, said she thought state budget cuts may have hurt her campus’ ranking but that most Bruins still consider their school the better one. “That rivalry with USC means so much for us. The fact that USC is above us in the ranking, that’s huge.”

    At UCLA, Lawrence Lokman, associate vice chancellor for communications, sounded a similar note as he offered congratulations to USC. “Honestly, Los Angeles benefits from having two great world-class universities, one public and one private,” he said. “The city wins.”

  • NOBS

    BB00b, aka JBoy, thinks he’s #1. ROFLMAO. JBoy, you are on our blog. I don’t give a SH!t about yours. You only wish you were a Trojan. But you are only a second class bRuin. Hahaha. At least your UCSB clown admits he’s a loser. And your daughter does give great he^d. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. PS, the cadre SUCKS.

  • Trojan 70

    thanks bruin rob for yet another “lick it” post. But what would you expect from a Cerritos alumni?

  • @Zovoz – Hilarious how you SUC guys keep posting the only source you have in which SUC holds on to a two-spot lead over UCLA, but in every other ranking resource UCLA kills SUC, like in this one where UCLA is #35 in the world while USC is #133 …and NOBS A.K.A. the “Dog Rapist” UCSB comes in at #135 just two spots below USC, but it should be noted that UCSB is ranked ahead of SUC in just about every other ranking resource…so NbOoBS lick it!! 8===D~~d:

    @trOJan 70 – I know ho much you enjoy my drawings, so that was just for you, but it was your buddy NOBS doing the licking.

  • Trojan 70

    Where is Cerritos ranked bruinrob?

  • Here is another ranking website.
    UCLA #12 in the world
    UCSB #58
    USC #78
    @NOBS – lick it!! LMAO
    @trOJan – if JCs would be included in the rankings, it would probably rank higher than USC.

  • Karrillo

    BruinRob, where does your alma mater rank?

  • @bruinrob – I didn’t pick the only one. I just picked the most recognized one. And, the one recognized by your student body president and a UCLA vice chancellor in the LA Times. Specific enough? šŸ™‚

    I tell you what, if the LA Times quotes you on one of the lesser known rankings that you dug up, I’ll make another post conceding the fact.

    Now that would be hilarious!

  • @Karrillo – I don’t really know, but what I do know is that your mom ranks #1 in swallowing the biggest loads.

    @Zovoz – truth is, you US News is the only site in which you will find USC ranked higher than UCLA, but hey if that makes you feel better by no means, dream on that USC is better than UCLA. LMAO

  • Jethro Sabbath


    What do you think John Wooden would think about your response to Karrillo?

  • ThaiMex

    Coach was never concerned with being #1…only with trying your best…and IF…Karrillo’s Mom is trying her best, and is NUMBER 1 too,….Well, good for her!
    Fite on, spit on, Grope on, LIMBO U!
    Jethro is a BORE and CURSED.

  • BruinRob

    @Jethro – I don’t know really, ThaiMex seems to know though, so I will trust his answer.

    @ThaiMex – Karrillo’s mom is #1 but NOBS’ wife and daughter are for #1 in the A.P. Poll.

  • N0BS

    @BruinRob: Ok that was really funny. There, I said it.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Are you guys sure you are making every day your masterpiece? Coach is watching.

  • N0BS

    Well, Bruin Rob’s 8:31 post was a masterpiece.

  • ThaiMex

    Everyday (actually every morning) when I sit on the Throne, I create a MASTERPIECE…Why are you so interested in my daily MASTERPIECE….Jed…you are a sick little Trogan Boy! Nubsie and Mono are weird, but YOU….you are just a little too sick!
    Fite on, Spit on, LIMBO U!
    Only someone CURSED, would be interested in my own little Masterpiece.

  • NOBS

    Wow, NZERObs is hilarious. Responding to yourself. Guess I only need one JBoy and one beaner.