• The Monopoly Is Over Here

    How funny is that, dude wears a Bruins jersey and commits to USC!!!


    SBU, all day baby!!

  • Unconditional Sanctions Coming

    “We’re taking our talents to South Central.”

    Bwa ha ha ha! Now that’s some funny stuff.

    Is this kid for real?

    University of South Central
    Ghetto On!

  • The MonopoIy Is Over Here

    we be breakin’ bread wit da sexual ballers! who is this kid, Eminem?

    I got my own sexual baller: his name is NOBS, and he gets the Heisman for wearing me out! (and my pooch)

  • Chiete76

    Now we just need to cross our fingers come draft day…Hope they stick! Fight On!

    PS. Sorry for the serious comment…