• UCLA Dynasty

    Cheat Carroll thinks this was waaay too harsh. A couple laps around the track and 10 push ups ought to set this young thug straight. It’s not like he was accused of date rape or being an ecstasy dealer, not that those offenses get you suspended for the USB TroGans either, eh Cheat Carroll?

    It’s the 5th anniversary of 13-9! I’ve rented the fanciest room at the nicest hotel by SUC so come on by the Super 8 on Exposition on Dec. 2!

  • in sheep’s clothing

    i think i would’ve gone with a two or three game suspension – in light of his other recent issues. if the tmz thing was an isolated incident i might’ve gone with an even less severe punishment(of one game) considering the jocularity of the delivery – and ubiquity of cameras in LA.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    well i see many trOXan are on the right track, 40% saying punishment not severe enough.

    but here’s my take: Tyler spits on a girl and gropes another one (thus far he has only admitted to the spitting) and thus far, there has been no known punishment for these acts, certainly not any suspension from playing in a game.

    now, mere weeks later, he clowns around for the camera, making obviously tongue in cheek comments and while embarrassing to Bounce Pass and Kiff, the comments hurt no one and are of no consequence. BUT, NOW he gets suspended for 1 or more games??

    it really tells you where Limbo U’s priorities are at. sure, abuse all the girls you want, just don’t embarrass “Heritage Hall”. just when you think Limbo U can’t sink any further, they drop down to sewer level. where’s my bucket?


    Tyler was not suspended solely for exercising his 1st Amendment rights. It was a series of events that led to the punishment. And it looks better for him to save a little face that SC did not peg his suspension on the mishaps with the ladies.