• The Wizard of Troy

    Wendi Deng Murdoch versus Ed Orgeron in a fight at the Heritage Hall auditorium. Who wins?

  • SCman

    Hello Scott,

    This is a follow up question. You said previously that your favorite food was Green eggs and ham. I have shopped around and it seems as though green eggs are not readily available. Can you please tell us what you like best about green eggs and ham?

    Thank you for this wonderful forum where readers like myself can ask such important questions.


    Has “Buck” Allen enrolled at USC?

  • FightOnDrew

    With Marc Tyler out for the first game who do you think can fill in the tailback spot? Do you think buck allen true freshman can be considered?

  • bsingleton

    Ashley Cole = British Tiger Woods. Agree or disagree?

  • Jonathan

    I have a two-part question about Pac-10/Pac-12 baseball. Before 1998, there were the North and South divisions. Why did that setup exist? When did it start? How did it work? Did the records of EWU, Gonzaga, Portland, and Portland State count officially towards the Pac-10 records/stats? Was there a conference championship game at the end of the regular season between the divisional champs?

    Even though Colorado does not have a baseball team, do you see the Pac-12 going to a divisional arrangement again? What chance do you give that CU will have a baseball team in the next few years?


    Why is Salute to Troy on a Sunday evening?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Wolfman, is it me, or does Southern Cal have the Marc Tyler case backwards?

    he spits on one girl and sexually gropes another, and over six weeks after his meeting with the hall monitor, still nothing has happened. i view these as very serious assaults. if you disagree, i wonder what their fathers think?

    then, Tyler embarrasses Bounce Pass Haden and My Cousin Vinny with some dumbbell remarks that ultimately harm no one (except possibly the reputation of Kim Khardasian) and presto! within 24hrs he is kicked off the team!!

    do you agree Heritage Hall’s priorities are all screwy??

  • dtksr1

    Scott, in your opinion… With the way this years’ SC team is shaping up and the opponents this year, will we be seeing games where the offense has to outscore the other teams at the end or rely on the defense where the offense only has to score so many points?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Scott, check out my boy Keyshawn breaking the Marc Tyler situation down and keeping it real! I love how he busts on UCLA here too!!!!!


    Wouldn’t you agree that TMZ would never waste their time with a UCLA player because no one would recognize that player?

    Also, since SC football players are the ONE game in town, don’t they deserve to go to the clubs and pop bottles? Plus he was really making fun of Reggie Bush which I think all us SC fans can get behind. That is, except for title 9 Charlize and her 109 championships…

    SBU all day baby!!!

  • Ryan


    Are you aware that Pete Arbogast and Paul McDonald were the voices of the announcers in the pilot of Friday Night Lights? Pete even slips in a How do you do!

  • bestlakersfan

    Scott, please rank from best to worst, in your opinion, the WRs AND please let us know what the depth chart is.

  • Rex Griswald

    Does USC have any interest in LSU transfer Garrett Green? He would be eligible immediately and would fill a need on the front line. Is there an available scholarship?

  • trojancr

    Rank the top 10 trojan cbs of the last 10 years and if his no there, where does Nickel Robey rank?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    What are USC’s chances with Shabazz Muhammad?

  • The Ghost of John McKay

    I disagree with your take that the sanctions are not as draconian as one might think. With only 30 scholies to hand out for 2 years, Coach Sunshine HAS to hit a home run on almost every kid, if he has one class out of the 2 that only produces 7-8 good players, SC is in huge trouble going forward and they are in even bigger trouble if both classes don’t have about 25 out of 30 of the players being top flight players. On top of that, if he does hit a home run with most of the kids, how many of them will leave early for the pro’s, thus leaving holes in the lineup that will be most likely filled by freshman, your thoughts?

  • http://http:://www.yahoo.com BruinRob

    Hey Scott, with NOBS admitting to having sex with his dog…any way to call the animal protection bureau and put this sick bastard behind bars?

  • NOBS

    Hey Scott, I’m a big pu$$y that cant fend for myself. Can you take care of NOBS? He’s kicking my a$$. Thank you so much,

    bB00b, aka JBoy

  • Obama, now that’s offensive !

    How big a signing was it for Frank Cruz to get Dan Hubs on board as pitching coach, the recent pitching commits aside.

  • NostraSamGilbertus

    Does BruinRob’s animal question seem a bit over the line? How about the comments in this thread:


  • uscmike

    Who will initially start at RB in place of Marc Tyler? Can you briefly assess the strengths/weaknesses of the other RBs. Also, does Tyler make it back to the RB rotation? Thanks for the forum, Scott.

    P.S. I agree with NostraSamGiburtus, except BruinRob obliterates the line…repeatedly.

  • marvgoux

    Here’s an actual football question: what is the status of Junior Pomee?

  • Mrtravlear726

    If Lane Kiffin were to become incapacitated for a few games, who would take over as the temporary head coach? Kiffin Sr, Polamalu, Orgeron…?

  • http://www.yahoo.com BruinRob

    Scott, why are USC fans so delusional, curious, obnoxious, homophobic, and double standard?

  • NOBS

    Scott, do you think Fucla fans delusional, curious, obnoxious, homophobic, and have a double standard because their football program stinks or they are just jealous of our school and alumni network?

  • gotroy22

    Did Pat Haden seriously consider suspending Marc Tyler for the season for his antics?

  • http://www.yahoo.com BruinRob

    Scott, what do you think NOBS enjoys more, his vibrating toy, or his poodle “Fidos” having his way with him/it?

  • http://www.yahoo.com BruinRob

    Nostra Sam, USCMIKE, NOBS, Karrillo, Sam Gilbert, trojan 70, all the same character, with one character trying to be civil-(USC MIKE) and obnoxious (Sam gilbert) and an a**hole (NOBS) you have the gall to complain? LMAO

  • NOBS

    Be original JBoy. What a tool. ROFLMAO

  • NOBS

    Be original JBoy. What a tool. ROFLMAO

  • NOBS

    Be original JBoy. What a tool. ROFLMAO

  • http://http:://www.yahoo.com BruinRob

    NOBS, getting it from behind from your poodle is VERY original…no thanks!! that title belongs to you, FREAK!!! ROTFLMAO ROTFLMAO ROTFLMAO

  • NOBS

    JBoy you really are a tool. Give it up and leave. With all your other “names”‘ you make a fool of yourself. Typical Fucla tool. You really bore me…..and everyone else too.

  • Karrillo

    With a plethora of capable receivers and a sudden lack of reliable running backs; did Matt Barkley’s Heisman odds just go up?

  • http://http:://www.latimes.com/sports/college/usc BruinRob

    NOBS, what’s the matter you little cry baby? can’t take all the asswhoopin’ I’m dishing out to you? is yourAss a little sore? it must be from “fidos” your poodle pounding his schlong into you. ROTFLMAO ROTFLMAO ROTFLMAO

  • BruinRob

    Yes NOBS, you have finally admitted on here you ARE a pu$$y, thanks for admitting it!!

  • ThaiMex

    Who is Shabazz Muhammads Father?

  • NOBS

    Right JBoy, now get to Buellers and ice the lox.

  • NOBS

    JBoy, BTW, congrats on beating the Dodger fan rap. Tool.

  • BBPeps13

    With the current news about the NCAA’s response to Ohio State (no failure to monitor charge) it seems as OSU wont get anything more than a wrist slap. Will Haden finally do something about it (e.g. legal action)?

  • BruinRob

    NOBS, you’re such a loser!!

  • NOBS

    JBoy, aka bB00b, I’m tired of you weak BS. I’m no bs. So let me make it clear to you: F U and JBoy Jr, your ugly old lady and daughter. All three are nothing but toys for my dog. And FU to Fucla. Now et back to Buellers and ice the lox.


    Scott, is there anyway that you can ban bruin rob, his alter egos, thai mex, charlie bucket, and nobs ? Their silly 3rd grade back and forth here should be enough to ban them.

  • NOBS

    Douche, I’m WAY to important to Scotty. He wants insider news.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    Do you think things can go any lower than the level of the exchange going on here?