10 thoughts on “Voice Of Versus

  1. Finally! I couldn’t stand hearing him. Bring back Steve Physioc! He was such a great play-by-play announcer!

  2. my only problem with him is it felt to me like he was pro no cal(stanford & cal) – and got overly giddy every time any team came with two TD’s of USC. could be my imqagination.

  3. But we still have to deal with that bag of hot air Petros Papadakis, aka the P!

    Where you at SCForLife???

  4. The P sucks. His act is old. He’s as current as Lindsey Nelson. And he has a face for radio….or a newspaper reporter.

  5. Physioc?? He’s awful. Gus Johnson is looking for work, he hysterically screams after a one yard run. Tompkins wasn’t that bad, but the Pac 12 should be able to do better.

  6. Versus? And all this time I thought Tompkins was the Fox Pac-10 announcer. Oh silly me.

  7. Ok, ok… Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’m here.

    First of all, Barry Tompkins is God awful! How many times did this guy mispronunciate or call somebody by the wrong name? Anyone would be an updrade.

    As for Petros… His act is getting old and it does get hard to listen to him at times, BUT… You have to admit, the guy knows college football. His analysis is spot on and he does make for a great color guy.

  8. The P’s voice is like nails on the chalkboard but even Bruins have to admit that he is the best we’ve got in the conference. The man knows his football and there’s not a team in the Pac-12 he can’t tell you all about.

  9. Petros, err SC for LIFE. Thanks for justifying your yob. The doyers may have an opening for you soon as well.

    I agree, the P must stay!

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