Pac-12 Banter

Lane Kiffin and I enjoyed plenty of good-natured banter during Pac-12 media day. At one point, Kiffin went on a soliloquy about my report cards and said I gave good grades to every position for last year’s rout of Cal but gave coaching a poor grade. Actually I gave coaching a C+ just like special teams and the defensive backs but hey, at least he reads the report cards!
I might give him an A for that. Especially since a USC spokesman told me for years the report cards were a bad idea . . . until everyone else started doing them.
Anyways, Kiffin was then asked by a reporter if it were possible to win a national championship with only 75 scholarships?
“It is if coaching gets an A,” I told Kiffin.

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  • Medneggler

    wolf man is on FIRE!!!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Wolf is a regular trail blazer. An industry pioneer. I knew it was him that broke the NFL lockout news and not Glazer…

  • NOBS

    I’ll bet Kiff thinks Scotty is a nipple.

  • DixieTrojan

    :: crickets :::

  • hey wolf, why haven’t you replied about this important pac12 sports story about jerime anderson yet?

  • timmay

    Re Jerime Anderson (UGLY hoops guard) campus laptop theft:

    Switch to football in the SEC and they’ll give him a Heisman Trophy for that.

  • NOBS

    Scotty, “anyways” is horrible grammar! Come on.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    thats some sugar sweeeeet repartee between you and Kiff, wolfman!!

    you two are like Ali-Cosell in the 70’s!!!

    anyways, keep it up!! the football team certainly will be of little interest this season after they start out 3-4 going into their Stanford-WA-OR stint….ooooooof!

  • sureshot

    Is there a bigger douche on the planet than our own Scott Wolf? Just… wow!

  • NOBS

    Sure, Wolff is neck & neck with the bRuin trolls and JBoy. “anywayS”, scotty is a dbag.

  • slurp it NOBS!! 8====D~<): leave the best beat writer in Los Angeles alone, you tool!!

  • NOBS

    Hilarious JBoy. Hilarious.