Pac-12 Networks

You can read reaction to Larry Scott’s announcement here and here.
There are four cable operators (Bright House, Cox, Time Warner, Comcast) that reach 45 million homes included in the deal. If you have DirecTV or Dish Network, that part of the deal is coming.
Here’s the money quote from Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour:
“Although there is potential for financial upside, the long-term financial benefit to Pac-12 institutions is unknown at this time and will be based on future distribution and advertising opportunities.
“In the near term, the conference campuses are not expected to receive any new revenue from the networks.”

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  • timmay

    Read, “Sandy Barbour who was on record as favoring an equity sale to cover for her brutal mismanagement NOW is still sour that no one else agreed. Sandy would rather get her a$$ out of hock instead of the PAC 12 keeping virtually all the profit from ad revenues to 45-60 million homes (after direct tv deal) with first choice content for the life of the deal, PLUS all its net profit from national subscriptions and online, phone, and related platform broadcasts. Elsewhere PAC 12 fans rejoice as PAC 12 equity stake vaults them into biggest network ownership deal as well as biggest media contract in college sports.”

    Also, “Scott Wolf and beyotchy ‘journalists’ of his ilk already ticked off at success, upbeat news and ‘win forever’ attitude of Larry Scott. Wolf already logs series of news-less snarky posts about the commissioner.”

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Timmay vs. Wolf…. Who ya got???

  • dtksr1

    Larry Scott has created a network system that is state of the art and will be copied by the other conferences eventually. The one measuring stick that will determine the success of this system is for the presidents to create or improve their product on the field. That means spending money to make money. We already know those conference members who just hold their hands out for their conference share and do just enough to put a team on the field who gets beaten more times than wins on average.

  • timmay

    Last time I checked PAC 10 was in a dead heat w the SEC and above everyone else in winning percentage vs BCS.

    Also last time I checked PAC 10 held a winning record vs SEC in BCS era and also if you took out top two teams(LSU and USC) PAC 10 still holds a winning record…

    I don’t know about Colorado, but I do know that Utah also does pretty well against BCS teams.

    PAC 10 obviously would win more if they played more tomato cans like other conferences (PAC 10 plays more BCS opponents than any other conference) and it would help if we dropped from 9 in-conference games to 8 since that only assures half the teams in the conference an extra loss and it also means it stops us from loading up on home games.

    But PAC 10 fans DO want the best product on the field and they generally get it. But it may be time to deal with perception and hype rather than fact and start beating up Big Sky and Sunbelt teams at home for our OC games and play one BCS teams at home or on a neutral field if at all possible. That way we can all be bowl eligible too.