Viewing Choices

The Pac-12 Network will show football and men’s basketball games. So how many will watch the Pac-12 Southern California channel when it shows USC vs. Iona in women’s lacrosse?

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  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, you are dishing out more sweeet scoooops than a double-headed melon baller!!!

    however, i have to ask: are you “pulling a Jethro Sabath” in this post, by suggesting, as Jethro has, that women’s sports are, oh what was that term he used….oh yes–“worthless”???

    hopefully, one day, when Southern Cal winnows out the Neanderthals, they will appreciate woman like us Bruins do!!!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    There goes title 9 Charlize and her 100 women’s championships! You keep fighting the good fight girl!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Mono: you have quite a bit of gall calling me Chalize the way you and NUBS splash your homo-erotic fantasies all over woflman’s blog like it was some Castro Street pick up joint!!

    i know the real men from Southern Cal support the women unlike you women-haters!

  • marvgoux

    Scott , what took them so long? This is 4 years after the Big 10 Network began.

  • timmay

    Scott Wolf should be fired. How can he say something this stupid and ill informed about PAC 12 news and actually work at a newspaper covering a PAC 12 school??? What makes it terrific is that certain Bruins are joining in on the anti-Larry Scott, anti-PAC 12 bandwagon like they were not members just to suck up to Wolf. Here Wolfy, let me help you:

    “The Pac-12 will save premium content for its conference network — ESPN and Fox will have the rights to 44 football games a season with a Pac-12 network getting the rights to 36 football games.

    “And the [Pac-12] network will have very high-quality games,” Scott said, “with either the first, second or third selections in different weeks. The conference network will have the best game of the week a couple of weeks each season.

    “The ESPN family and Fox will have 68 basketball games and we’ll have over 100 games for the Pac-12, and again a high quality.”

  • ThaiMex

    Womens Lacrosse already outdraws SUCks Mens Basketball. Why not put them on T.V?

  • Jethro Sabbath

    So the answer to Scott’s question is Bucket, Count, Thai, Yoda, W.E.B. miguelito, etc. will be watching.