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After a litte break, time to resume some answers.

trojancr said:
Rank the top 10 trojan cbs of the last 10 years, where does Nickel Robey rank?

A: USC’s had some pretty good corners over the years although never to the “Cornerback U.” level that Pete Carroll envisioned when he became head coach. I think Robey can be in the top five if he continues to improve. He picked off quite a few passes last season but also got burned at times, which is normal for a freshman. This year should be better especially if I were to rank him in the top 5.

Q: I DIg Go Go Girls said:
What are USC’s chances with Shabazz Muhammad?

A: On the surface, not great. But I hear behind the scenes that he is being open minded about USC. He will make an official visit. I’m not saying USC a leader but they are getting a good look and I know his father, Ron Holmes, likes Kevin O’Neill.

Q: The Ghost of John McKay said:
I disagree with your take that the sanctions are not as draconian as one might think. With only 30 scholies to hand out for 2 years, Coach Sunshine HAS to hit a home run on almost every kid, if he has one class out of the 2 that only produces 7-8 good players, SC is in huge trouble going forward and they are in even bigger trouble if both classes don’t have about 25 out of 30 of the players being top flight players. On top of that, if he does hit a home run with most of the kids, how many of them will leave early for the pro’s, thus leaving holes in the lineup that will be most likely filled by freshman, your thoughts?

A: I agree that they are going to need to be more careful but they will still be able to have 75 players on scholarship. They will bring in some players at the midyear break to help with depth so they have to make sure the “15” signees are all quality players. I don’t think it’s an ideal situation but I don’t think it means USC should be going 6-6 either. When you look at recruiting classes, they usually only produce 7-8 good players. So he just needs to make sure he’s batting .500 on the 15 players. I think USC can survive probation.

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  • Medneggler

    Shabazz is a Bruin. Book it.

  • Mrtravlear726

    Ghost, I agree with your concerns. Just FYI, LK has started talking alot about redshirting a lot of freshmen. Without extensive redshirting, the scholie numbers quickly begin to fall off a cliff and by the end of the limitations, we would be barely able to get back to 75 even with a class of 25.

    I suspect that one of the reasons we got clobbered so hard on the scholies by Dee and Co, is that historically we have run with a roster well under the limit of 85 and if they hit us with fewer scholie reductions, it would have been, at least from an historical perspective, almost no penalty at all.

  • marvgoux

    Mrtralear726: great post. The NCAA did the same thing to Washington years ago and they quickly declined from a top 10 power due to lack of depth and weakened special teams. Stripping scholarships is a very insideous punishment to the team.