Answer Friday! (Part 2)

More answers on a Friday afternoon.

Q: Obama, now that’s offensive ! said:
How big a signing was it for Frank Cruz to get Dan Hubbs on board as pitching coach, the recent pitching commits aside.

A: He looks like an instant success with the recent commitments of pitchers Chase DeJong and Shane Watson. But that aside, I think Frank Cruz has done a good job recruiting already and now he has his own guy as the pitching coach. So he’s ready to go forward with everyone on the same page. That was probably not the case last season and a reason Tom House is no longer around. Now Cruz has someone he trusts. So that’s a big plus and it appears to be someone respected by recruits.

Q: uscmike said:
Who will initially start at RB in place of Marc Tyler? Can you briefly assess the strengths/weaknesses of the other RBs. Also, does Tyler make it back to the RB rotation?

A: I would say Dillon Baxter should start but I know Lane Kiffin’s kept him in the doghouse quite a bit so that gives D.J. Morgan and Curtis McNeal a chance if he is eligible. But I think Baxter should be the starter. He’s been at USC more than a year and should be ready to play.

Q: marvgoux said:
Here’s an actual football question: what is the status of Junior Pomee?

A: He started summer school at USC then left because he still had some academic issues to resolve before he could get cleared by the NCAA. So he is trying to do that in the next few weeks before the deadline to qualify.

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