USC v. Ohio State

A trusted reader sends his comparison of the handling of the USC and Ohio State cases with the NCAA.

“Head coach lies to NCAA. Knowingly plays ineligible players for an entire season. Keeps up the lie to get them to play in a bowl game. But not lack of control.”

“Assistant coach may have known about situation. BOOM! Send back one crystal football.”

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  • Yeah, aha, right…Reggie Bush and his family collecting an estimated $600,000 in cash and benefits, with the school knowing about his registered car, and Carroll knowing the Bush family was living for free in the home owned by Michaels (Michaels has a recorded conversation in which Pete Carroll tells him to make sure the paper work is “straight”)and the RB coach Todd McNari having a friendship with the Michaels, and Lake, is the equivalent of the Ohio State playwers selling the jerseys, gloves, and other uniform attire because they needed cash?? really?? to me it shows that the Ohio State players needed the money to make ends meet because obviously there was not $100-handshakes going on there as there are at USC.

    If the Ohio State players had been as well-paid as the USC players are, they wouldn’t have to sell their gloves and jerseys, to make ends meet. Was Tressel guilty of knowing and not reporting it? YES – the difference is Ohio State fired him, while USC built a Shrine for Pete Carroll despite the school and Pete Carroll knowing about Bush.

    So your trusted reader (probably KNOBBED) can kiss my and his poodle’s a_ss.

  • oneillwatch

    The “trusted reader” forgot to mention that USC failed to force its by-then ex-student pro football player to cooperate and its Athletic Director may not have been potty-trained and may have bruised a few egos at the NCAA. The punishment for bruised egos was the theft of a national championship the University probably would have won without “Athlete #1”, probation and scholarship restrictions. Do the sanctions make sense now?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Someone please put Fredo, err, BruinRob out of his misery? He is living in an alternate universe where there is proof backing up what he says, Neuheisel Nikels are the primary form of currency, and the Bruins win Eagle Bank Bowls every year….

  • Did you all know that when Trevor Bauer recently won the “Golden Spikes” award – equivalent to the Heisman in football – UCLA became the first school to win all three major awards: the Heisman Trophy, the John Wooden award, and now the Golden Spikes award?

    Go Bruinss!!

  • No proof? read NCAA report on their investigation…it says Michaels had a recorded conversation with Carroll instructing Michaels to make sure the paper work for the lease was “straight”. However, because the recording was obtained without the knowledge or concent of Pete Carroll it was not permitted as evidence in the report or in the NCAA investigation dindings.

  • Trojan 70

    Good old BruinLob – an expert on all things USC. I never seen a bigger case of “penis envy” in my life. Actually, it would be a “smaller” case for you. Give us the Cerritos spellout one more time LOb. Enjoy those season tix in the Rose Bowl this fall, attendance should hit about 20K a game this year.

  • dtksr1

    You know, it just shows you there’s nothing going on at the bruin’s football website. These poor unloved fans only have a trojan website to read & respond to. You would think they would get a clue in throwing their slop on their pretty-boy AD who cares nothing about football based on his record.But yet it again shows these crosstown readers have no leadership capabilities and this is why they come over here to follow our news!

  • @condom 70 – the 20K you’re referring to will be the drop of attendance for this mediocre team’s games.
    @dtksr1 – how can one resist himself posting on here? these USC blogs are funnier than comedy central!! LMAO
    USC football a.k.a. the Barry Bonds of college football (accomplishments thru cheating) is a complete joke!

    (__!__) kiss it!!! and licke it! 8====D d:

  • NOBS

    Hilarious JBoy. Hilarious.

  • Trojan 70

    Ah the famous BruinLob sign off – a kiss and a lick of one’s genitals. Your Cerritos education is really showing through now Lob. Your parents, your wife and children, and your adopted ucla friends are very proud. 4 and 8, ain’t it great!! One last chance, the Cerritos spellout…

  • @trOJan 70 – you effing hypocrite!! you have the balls to complain about my post when you’re the first (after KNOBBED) to include my wife and children in your insulting posts on here??!! go puck yourself!

  • NOBS

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  • NOBS

    BTW dtksr1′ you couldn’t be more correct on ALL points.

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  • NOBS

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  • I haven’t visited these blogs for almost a year, and I’m appalled by the vulgarity being used on here. Certainly vulgarity is expected from the bRuins, but I would never expect it from our Trojan family.
    Trojan 70, Monopoly Is Over Here, and NOBS, you three are a disgrace to our university and our fan base, why Mr. Wolf would allow you three stooges to post is beyond my comprehension.

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  • NOBS

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  • W.E.B. Dupree

    I see that the usual suspects have been doing meth all today.

  • JT4SC

    Dude, BruinRob, you are seriously delusional.

  • BruinRob

    @JT4SUC – How so?