Tatupo is a 7th year NFL player in a contact position who missed much of last season with knee problems, and who just had surgery on both knees. A lame journalist with an anti-Ceaserhawk agenda might try to paint this latest move as an act of disloyalty, but it’s prevalent practice throughtout the NFL Anyone who follows sports understands the NFL works this way, buts its refreshing to see that there are journalist who would try to spin it otherwise to those who have their heads up their hineys. Keep it up, Scotty. You’ve correctly identified your notch and your readership.


    It is clear that Wolf will not change, and this continuous vindictiveness he has toward Carroll should give pause to Kiffin when dealing with this guy.

    And could we give the Carroll thing a rest. Like a bad divorce, one would like to forgettaboutit, and not be reminded of it every other week.

  • obama the jew hater

    Tatupu is an ex USC player, Carroll is an ex USC coach, Wolf deems this newsworthy for that reason. I’m sick of Carroll and I know Wolf likes to tweak all of you talking about him.

  • USC’89

    Finally! Pete getting between one of his players and his money. A shame he didnt think this way while at USC.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    USC’89: bullseye!

    once again, the dumb myth of “TrOXan for Life” takes a Lawrence-Taylor-on-Theisman hit!!!

    very telling how Ceasar not only disses his old trXOan boys, but he actually goes out of his way to screw them over!! look at Leinert, whom Ceasar talks into going to Seattle but before he can even sign the contract Caesar brings in Tavarious Jackson, the favorite son of his OC. talk about a backstab!!

    dont forget how Caesar screwed over Lendale White, Taylor Mays, and tried to screw over Mark “Dirty” Sanchez!!

    as i have said before, it should more correctly read “TrOXan for Now”!!!

    oh, Chucker you’ve done it AGAIN!!! ok now i’m going to Brunch at Jack in the Box.


    Does anybody even respond to the Ugly Bucket anymore?–If he can find something negative about SC he will blow it up. What a bore you are Ugly.

    This Tatupu situation cuts both ways– the guy was getting millions to play, and he was not able to play much lately, and may not be able to play much this year. So what do you do if you are management and want to have a winning team?– well, you might want to replace him with a healthy body.

    Hey, who said professional sports is fair?

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Brother Bucket, the slogan is “Trojan for Life,” not “Seahawk for Life” — which actually sounds a bit like a punishment a judge would impose.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Brother WEB: that does sound like punishement, but the “trOXan for life” is still a myth…just look at the abuse heaped upon Stefon Johnson for trying to get his med bills paid. (injured while under the direct control and direction of Southern Cal’s trainer, no less)

    hey, remember when LJ would tell everyone to ignore Bucket?? well now he can’t come on here without incessantly jibber-jabbering about C-Buck!! LJ just can’t quit me!!!