Morning Buzz

Time to answer a few more questions.

Q: gotroy22 said:
Did Pat Haden seriously consider suspending Marc Tyler for the season for his antics?

A: He considered a stiffer penalty but Tyler’s case with student conduct caused everyone to wait and see what develops. That is a reason Tyler’s announced punishment was left open. If student conduct does not suspend him further and Haden-Lane Kiffin feel he is not doing what they want to redeem himself, they will add to the suspension.

Q: Karrillo said:
With a plethora of capable receivers and a sudden lack of reliable running backs; did Matt Barkley’s Heisman odds just go up?

A: I’ve always believed his Heisman hopes rest more on his decision making than anything else. You could also say USC’s defense will play a role since team success always factors in. I think Lane Kiffin wants to be balanced between the run/pass and none of the backs looked significantly more important than the others in spring practice, so tailback-by-committee might be this year’s approach no matter who is eligible.

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