Pac-12 Networks

You can read reaction to Larry Scott’s announcement here and here.
There are four cable operators (Bright House, Cox, Time Warner, Comcast) that reach 45 million homes included in the deal. If you have DirecTV or Dish Network, that part of the deal is coming.
Here’s the money quote from Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour:
“Although there is potential for financial upside, the long-term financial benefit to Pac-12 institutions is unknown at this time and will be based on future distribution and advertising opportunities.
“In the near term, the conference campuses are not expected to receive any new revenue from the networks.”

Pac-12 Banter

Lane Kiffin and I enjoyed plenty of good-natured banter during Pac-12 media day. At one point, Kiffin went on a soliloquy about my report cards and said I gave good grades to every position for last year’s rout of Cal but gave coaching a poor grade. Actually I gave coaching a C+ just like special teams and the defensive backs but hey, at least he reads the report cards!
I might give him an A for that. Especially since a USC spokesman told me for years the report cards were a bad idea . . . until everyone else started doing them.
Anyways, Kiffin was then asked by a reporter if it were possible to win a national championship with only 75 scholarships?
“It is if coaching gets an A,” I told Kiffin.

Wrong Pick?

No surprise that Lane Kiffin could not believe the media picked USC to finish first in the Pac-12 South Division. USC received 24 first-place votes while Arizona State received 13.
“Did Arizona State move to the North (Division) or something?” Kiffin said. “That completely surprises me. Especially with the player they have on defense returning, I don’t know how they weren’t picked ahead of us.”

Thomas Shock

Lane Kiffin admitted he never expected tailback De’Anthony Thomas to decommit from USC and sign with Oregon.
“It was such a shock,” he said. “Every time we saw him he wore USC gear. I never felt he was wavering. I told our staff last week if you asked me before signing date who I felt was strongest about signing from 1-31, I would rank (Thomas) No. 1.”

Morning Buzz

If there is one thing to understand about Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, it is that he likes change for the sake of change.
Not improvement, just change.
The conference will announce today that Craig Bolerjack and Joel Klatt are the new football broadcast team and the broadcasts will somehow be revolutionary. Bolerjack lives in Utah and is the voice of the Jazz. Klatt is a former Colorado quarterback.
So he wanted to suck up to the new members of the conference. No problem. But this is the best he could do on the heels of that mammoth TV deal? Can’t wait to see who he hires for that new Pac-12 Network.

Who Is Coming Back?

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck showed up at media day sporting a beard. USC quarterback Matt Barkley was asked what he thought of the look?
“I’m going to show up with a mustache next year,” Barkley said.
Does that mean Barkley will return for his senior season?
“I might send (safety) T.J. McDonald,” Barkley said.
Does that mean McDonald, also a pro prospect, will return for his senior season?
“I don’t know guys, c’mon,” Barkley said.

Joke Of The Day, Part II

Here’s an exchange between Matt Barkley and Lane Kiffin:

BARKLEY: Well, he’s in the same place for two years in a row now, which is good (laughing).
BARKLEY: I’m happy. That’s good. The same coach for two years in a row now, we’re progressing.