First Joke

I asked ane Kiffin started off his press conference by saying USC had nine players drafted last year. I asked him afterward how he went 8-5 with all those draft picks?
“It’s about recruiting,” he answered.

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Pac-12 Notes

Larry Scott will have media fawning over him today but the room for media press conferences is the smallest and worst ever for the largest conference ever.
In TV news, a Pac-12 official said Craig Bolerjack and Joel Klatt are the new TV team. Petros Papadakis will be a sideline reporter.

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Scholarship Numbers

A lot of questions are being asked about the 75-scholarship limit and how it will affect recruiting. It is worth noting that if USC were to reach 75 scholarships and still be under the 15-scholarship limit, one thing could happen if someone didn’t transfer or become academically ineligible.
Lane Kiffin could simply tell a player on scholarship that it was not being renewed. Not a savory solution but it would reclaim a scholarship.

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Former USC Cornerback Skip Thomas Dies

Alonzo “Skip” Thomas, a USC cornerback in 1971, died Sunday of a heart attack. He was 61. Thomas played six years (1972-78) with the Oakland Raiders and earned the nickname Dr. Death. He won a Super Bowl in 1977 with the Raiders and intercepted 17 passes in his career.

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