Media Feud

After Charles Robinson of Yahoo broke the story about the allegations at Miami, he was criticized by columnist Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports.
Robinson called Whitlock a “coward” today in an interview with radio station KCSP in Kansas City. Robinson also wrote about Reggie Bush for Yahoo.
“On the heels of the USC case, (Whitlock) once used the phrase `NCAA slave catchers’ to refer to the work that myself and another reporter had done,” Robinson said.

Close Losses

Lane Kiffin says USC would be 11-2 last season if it played two-minute defense. But Arizona State coach Dennis Erickson thinks his team squandered some close games too, including against USC.
“Why did we lose them?” Erickson said. “Obviously the kicking game cost us a couple. Particularly the P.A.T. situation against Wisconsin and then against USC with the guy returning it all the way.”

Rain Check

USC holds its “Fall Sports Rally” tomorrow night at the Galen Center. But the women’s volleyball and soccer teams will not be in attendance because they have road trips this weekend.

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Practice Update

Lane Kiffin said 30 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions is a “realistic” goal for Matt Barkley this season. Left guard Abe Markowitz’s foot remains in a boot and he did not practice but Kiffin did not rule him out of the game. USC has not said what is wrong with the foot but sources said doctors are worried the foot shows the same characteristics of the foot he broke last season.
Tailback Javorious Allen was finally cleared academically and will join the team tomorrow, Kiffin said. No word yet on Armond Armstead. Tailback Dillon Baxter did not get as many reps as Curtis McNeal and D.J. Morgan but Kiffin said he will still play all the tailbacks.

New Security Position

USC hired Rick Carr for a newly created position, director of athletic program security. Carr will be in charge of security for all 21 teams, including travel and games. He will also assist with any off-campus issues that arise and work with the compliance office. Carr, a former police detective, is best known for accompanying Lane Kiffin at football games.

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Strong-Arm Tactics

I’ve mentioned before the college football tradition of always saying the new strength coach is better than the previous one. Well, here’s an excerpt from the Florida Sun-Sentinel: “USC transfer tight end Blake Ayles said Sunday that Miami’s conditioning program this offseason was tougher than that of his three seasons with the Trojans.”
It goes on at every college. Including USC.