Academic Matters

USC’s incoming freshmen Javorius Allen,Tre Madden, Junior Pomee and defensive end Greg Townsend took summer high school classes in order to meet NCAA Clearinghouse requirements. That means it will probably take longer for them to be certified and could push the deadline of mid-August, when they will be forced to sit out practices until cleared.

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  • Marky Marc

    At least none of these guys are vital players. Maybe Allen merely for the fact with Tyler gone we don’t really have a big back. Townsend might be nice insurance for injuries with Devante Wilson out for the season. Still, thank the lord it’s not one of the O-line recruits coming in.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Naww homie. Toss the red shirts… These boys takin a breather for a year…

    Out Smart the Sanctions!!

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