Answer Friday!

In this segment, will USC break the over of 7.5 wins set by oddsmakers?

Q: The Monopoly Is Over Here said:
The over/under for SC wins is 7.5. What say you Scotty my boy? Bet the bank on over?

Likewise, the over/under for Ruin wins is 6.5. I am thinking under is a lock. Your thoughts?

A: I would not bet the bank on anything but I think USC should be able to surpass 7.5 victories. If not, we might see a coaching change. But Vegas is supposed to know. I’m not sure UCLA can’t win 7-8 games this season so I wouldn’t say the under is a lock. If Rick Neuheisel wasn’t the coach, I might take the over.

Q: Edward said:
What information do you have that would indicate USC will sign any recruits mid-term? It doesn’t make any sense to do so. Anyone they sign mid-term means another has to leave after the ’11 season.

A: They will sign mid-year recruits because those scholarships count backward, which means they go against the previous recruiting class. So that means they can probably sign around five guys or so in the mid-year plus 15 in February.

Q: marvgoux said:
Do you think the NCAA will hand Coach Sunshine his Show Cause Order before or after the Minesota game?

A: I think they will wait because they are busy with the Ohio State case and are going to take their time because everyone is wondering how they will penalize schools in the wake of the USC probation and they are under immense scrutiny.

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  • NOT gonna happen, I will bet my mansion in Alta Loma that USC will NOT win 8 games…easy money folks.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    so per the wolfman’s sage prediction, both Southern Cal and UCLA win 8 games this year.

    wrong on Southern Cal’s part, wolfman.

    ChuckerBucker has already predicted a final record for trOXan of 5-7. but, Kiff will NOT be fired as a result!!

    since the Chuckster is never wrong, i am guessing a huge collective “Yikes!!” just reverberated through trOXan-dom!!


    Oh, Lord, save me from my sinful cravings.

    In a perfect world, if I met the Ugly Bucket in a dark alley I would punch out one eye, feel good about it, and then punch out the other. I know I could because this guy probably wears a dress.

    As for BruinRob, bless his itty bitty tiny heart, I will bet my rented apartment against his dwelling (which is probably a rented unit, since we know like Ugly he is a born liar) that SC will win at least 8 games this year.

    Sorry, but just the facts, ma’am!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    my, how FEROCIOUS, you are grandma!!

    an associate of mine has pointed out how utterly queer LJ’s fantasy is: his dream is to meet Chucker who is wearing a dress in a dark alley and he refers to it as his “sinful craving”!! ngaaaaaaaah!!

    LJ i fear you are on the precipice of another emotional meltdown!! i am so far in your head, you are acting coo-coo!! you may be one of those repressed Republicans with closeted “sinful cravings”…in fact, they busted another one today!!! from Indiana this time!!

    but you do serve one purpose…your transparent fantasy validates one of the wisest axioms ever uttered in any language: there is no fool, like an old fool!!!

  • NOBS

    JBoy, aka bRuin Slob, is Alta Loma by yes sir eeeetos? You’re a tool. ROFLMAO Alta Loma???? hahahahahahaha

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Hey MORON ROB, didn’t you learn from ThaiFag last season? “4 and 8.. it’s gonna be GREAT!”
    In a terrible transition season, SC went 8-5, you idiot. Really think they’ll lose MORE games with a more experienced and talented roster? Gimme a break.
    Get back to jerking off Kevin Prince you pussy.


    Hey, Ugly, if you notice, except for this one time, I never respond to your comments, but you always respond to mine. Who is in to whose head?

    As for being “old,” what is old?– 20ish is young, but after 30 everybody is going downhill and soon will be forgotten in their grave.

  • marvgoux

    Charlie, Weiner and Wu are Republicans? That’s a sugar sweet scoop!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wow! the Nabobs are coming off the rails! if you guys are losing it this early whats gonna happen when the Pious Passer starts piling up the picks??

    check out gramps trying to get all philosophical! too late, gramps, after you’ve made a jack-a$$ out of yourself! keep fantasizing, gramps!!

    oh and Marv, of course both parties have scandals, but why is it Republicans are always after men?? if you wish i can post the list. at least the democrats go after women, like wu and weiner!!!

    Mr. Positive, where the heck are you??

  • NOBS

    SOB, and Barney Frank? Tool.