World According To Kiffin


Like players who experience fatigue after a week of training camp, USC coach Lane Kiffin appears to have hit the wall.
Consider a couple things that happened Thursday: First, there were these strange comments regarding wide receiver Marqise Lee.
“I think that’s the classic story that if our staff wasn’t covering the ground . . . (I’m) glad that our evaluation process kept digging, we couldn’t find him.”
Kept digging? Lee was ranked by as the 87th-best player in the nation in June, 2010. How hard was it to find a player listed among the top 100 in the country? Even Brennan Carroll could do that. Perhaps the intrepid staff found him while attending those Serra games to see Robert Woods and George Farmer.
A recruiting analyst said Thursday that USC didn’t even contact Lee from March-June of last year. So maybe Kiffin meant they forgot Lee was there. But no one else did. He was ranked the 36th-best player in the nation by Rivals by signing date. And chose USC over Oregon and Miami.
But that was only part of the story. Markeith Ambles practiced one day after Kiffin said he would not allow Ambles back until he was declared eligible.
“We want to make sure he’s eligible before we bring him out here,” Kiffin said.
Twenty four hours later, Kiffin trotted Ambles out to practice even though his grades were not posted. And then denied he had a change of heart. Paging Pete Carroll, please.

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  • JAG

    Seems like pretty inconsequential stuff to be nit-picking…but what do you expect from a guy who states that Keyshawn Johnson wore #1?

    The “World according to Wolf” is where insecure, unsucessful people flee to escape from reality.

  • Trojan 70

    Nit picking at best. Plenty of other stuff to write about Wolf. I guess you never screw up, right?

  • Trojan Conquest

    Such a little girl…….


    As if it is any surprise, Scott is a “half-empty glass” personality. Nobody seems to be happy with him except of course the hypocritical UCKLA posters that pretend to like him.

    And you would think he would be more careful what he says about people he derives his livelihood from i.e. Kiffin etc. This petty stuff he writes has got to get back to the subjects he is deriding.

    Compare Gold’s commentary. Granted, he does not have much to work with regarding UCKLA football, such as it is, but he works his butt off to get out full information. I wish SC had him, but it is what it is.

  • Mrtravlear726

    I find it odd that in the past Scott has been very critical of Brennan Carroll for recruiting by the stars and not doing independent evaluations but yet when Kiffin is relying on his/his staff’s evaluations he gets knocked for it.

    The jury is still out on CLK and will be for at least another four years. I will judge him as harshly or more harshly then anyone but at the end of the day much of that evaluation is going to be based on his won lost record and how he got to that record rather then a few comments that might be a bit odd. In all liklihood, Lee was probably evaluated by someone on Lane’s staff and then brought to the attention of the decision makers who asked relevent questions instead of worrying about his “star” rating. As far as I am concerned, this is a better methodology then the one used in the late PC era.

  • GDL SC

    Wolf, before you submit a new blog entry, please ask yourself: Is this the best I can do right now?

    Give it a shot. Your blog will improve.

  • sureshot

    That the king of grammatical errors and typos has the nerve to criticize anyone is beyond my comprehension.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    “Nobody seems to be happy with (wolf) except of course the hypocritical UCKLA posters that pretend to like him.” -LJ

    Geez Louise!! the Nattering Nabobs are in rare negativistic Nabobbing form today!!!

    so why are you chumps here so much if the blog sucks???

    is your search engine stuck on the inside Southern Cal site and you can’t escape?? go to a vanilla site and let Bruins can enjoy the show in peace!!

    i must say watching Southern Cal’s football and basketball programs the last two years has been like watching the last part of Titanic where the ship breaks apart and finally sink into the abyss!!! except all the passengers are jerks and you kind of want them to suffer a bit before being rescued!!

  • Wow, sounds to me like the younger Kiffin got Alzheimer decease before his dad.

  • Wow, you SUCsters are so unappreciative of Scott Wolf. Scott not only brings to us what he sees on the field but also provides a forum for SUCsters and Bruins to have our battles, AND even allows your asinine commentary that does nothing but insult him all day long. Do you all think Jon Gold would allow 90% of the posts Wolf allows on here? HELL NO he wouldn’t, so why don’t you all take a chill pill and enjoy the blogs that the best beat writer in America brings to us all.

    Have a nice day, ladies!