Ambles Exit?

Lane Kiffin did not allow wide receiver Markeith Ambles to attend practice today because he said he is “kind of feeling” Ambles will not be eligible based on preliminary reports of his summer grades. Official grades have not been posted for Ambles yet.
But it’s a bad sign if Kiffin is already pulling the plug early. Ambles was allowed to attend Friday’s practice but not allowed to speak to the media.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    Seriously, how does this kid not get his grades right? He’s got everything riding on it, and he’s got access to all the tutors he needs. Let alone he can take easy classes.

  • ThaiMex

    Seriously…you can’t be surprised at some of your Torgan knuckleheads. Your recruiting is based ENTIRELY on the STAR ratings system. Markeith (Bone to Bone) Ambles was a prized recruit with lot’s of question marks from the get go. What you see is what you get. Don’t turn on the young man now (kind of like you did on Taylor Mays, once he graduated). Remember…Torgan for Life! ( though its really more like, “what have you done for us lately”).
    Fite on troxan!
    players are all disposable @ Disposable U!