No Weakness

Left tackle Matt Kalil said he is confident USC’s offensive line will not be a weaken once the season starts.
“I definitely think we’re not a weakness,” he said. “Once we get the two guard spots solidified, it won’t be a weakness.”

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    The only weakness I see here is Scott’s grammar! Two year bowl ban for Failure to Proof Read!!

  • ThaiMex

    What did he say?
    “we’re not a weakness”…..but,
    “Once we get the two guard spots solidified, it won’t be a weakness”…meaning currently it is a weakness”.
    Solidified? By Who? Markewitz, Giovanni, Garness, Hobbi or Walker? (maybe the feared Peter YOBO is gonna step up bigtime?) Hilarious! Kalil needs to pee in a cup….he’s obviously on something.
    At This RATE…(see it coming?)…4 & 8 will be GREAT!
    Fite on, Bone To Bone, Torgans!

  • Jethro Sabbath

    For a guy who claims to hate SC, Thai is up posting awfully early and he sure seems to know a lot about the Trojans OL depth chart.
    Face it ThaiBucket, you love USC and you’re the only one who doesn’t realize it.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Me thinks lil Slopespic has erotic fantasies about SC O-lineman. Que horrible!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Jethro: be honest, did you wait for the clock to strike 7AM in attempt to avoid irony in your post??

    Thai: you have to hand it to Jethro, he brings his hard hat and lunch pail to the blog every day!! so his forensic skillz are somewhat lacking, he still puts in the effort!!

    Jethro, i am sending you two passes to Pr…..oh whats that? i was just overruled by a Yoda hologram…sorry Jethro, Yoda has vetoed your free passes to Preferred Plus Night at Cadre HQ. you must’ve pissed him off with one of your posts.

    that would have been a ten dollar value.

  • ThaiMex

    Like Yogi…maybe I’m just “Smarter Than The Average Bear”..just Maybe.
    Not everyone still lives at home in a converted Garage in Panorama City or Stanton Some of us live in other Cities (time Zones), some have moved to OTHER COUNTRIES, and others, like our beloved YODA, live in other Galaxy’s.
    Sorry you have to go Jed…I just heard “them” paging you….
    Don’t fret too much though…O-Line is the position that takes the longest to develop. With only 3 seniors (two have NEVER stepped onto the playing field), and a roster full of questionable (akademiks, injuries, Those Nasty Character Issues) 1st and second year “Playa’s”, compounded with SANCTIONS BABY, The Foul odor coming out of Fig. Tech (Maybe U should change the name to EL SEGUNDO U ?) should be around for MANY MANY Years to come.
    Torgan, Fite on, Cheat on, Bone to Bone U !
    You can’t spell SUCk without good ol’ s c.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    First off, very weak move playing the “you must live in certain less than desirable section of SoCal” card. That is so overplayed here and you don’t have anything better?

    Please tell us. Where do you do your posting from these days, Zurich? Monte Carlo? Dubai? And now that your jet-setting lifestyle has taken you away from us why do you still follow Southern Cal sports so closely? You really do have a queer obsession but I think with some therapy you can move forward.

    I did once work in El Segundo; it is where i realized the Healy Show was utterly worthless.

  • ThaiMex

    You sure you’re not related to “freethinker”?
    Just because a person moves away…doesn’t mean they lose interest or are no longer “fans”. Bonehead…did you ever notice how many transplanted N.Y. Yankee/Mets/Giants/Jet fans there are in L.A.? Lemme ask you…is there some sort of ZIP code rule I’m not familiar with?
    Do you feel better now that someone has paid attention to you waving your arms screaming…”Please someone pay attention, WHAT ABOUT ME”.
    science 5 and freethinker are alive and well!
    fite on, spit on, sanction on, bone to bone, torgan!
    The “O”line is CURSED!

  • Jethro Sabbath

    So where are you based now Chuck? We would love to know.

    Of course I have noticed all of the transplanted fans of other teams there are amongst us.

    The greatest thing about your last post is that you have finally admitted that you are a USC fan!

    Moving away a obsessively following a team you claim to dispise would be just plain unhealthy and I am so glad that you have not gone down that path.

    Welcome to the Trojan family!!!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    hah! Thai, remember your Cadre training: “trOXan for life” is an absurd myth perpetuated by trOxans thru the ages. we have seen how they turn on their “family” members, like the noblest trOXan of all, Stefon Johnson!! even Bounce Pass Haden, who they cried for years to be their AD, is now fighting off the wolves (he will last 4 yrs on the job and leave a bitter man)

    Thai, they are a “family” like the gangs at Pelican Bay are a family!! you slip up once, make a mistake, lose a game, and the shiv goes in your back!!!

    Thai, when you got sent up for that…er, unfortunate misunderstanding, who do you think it was that protected you from the sodomites?? it was the Cadre!! the Correctional Officers Union is in our pocket!! anyways, the inmates know the Cadre are “untouchables”!!

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Ramble on ThaiBucket.
    Did it ever occur to you that you might be the one waving arms and saying “look at me”?