Answer Monday! (Part 2)

Old School Trojan said:
In the past decade when USC had numerous football players arrested and other off the field issues, many in the media started referring to USC as “the new Miami” or “the Miami of the West” for what was perceived as an out of control program. Is it not great for Miami to have come storming back to reclaim their crown that they held so prominently in the 1980s and 1990s when their players would consistently be arrested, the team would enter the stadium wearing army fatigues, and they earned the national nickname of “Thug U”? Has the natural order of college athletics been restored with Miami back to their rightful place?

A: The least they could have done is win a few national titles with all that cheating.

Q: USCfan said:
In regards to whats going on in Miami their still has to be other ways SC can get its sanctions reduced right? Pat Hadens comments on 710 Espn radio kinda showed that he’s not giving up and is gonna find a way to get the sanctions reduced? Whats your take on this? Is their still a way and do you think it will happen?

A: Unfortunately this question was asked before Max Nikias made his statement. But it’s a relevant question because it raises this issue: Why did Haden sound sort of combatic and then Nikias offered his “no mas” statement? Did USC legitimately examine the issue and decide it had no options? Or did it just decide to sweep things under the rug?

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    Combatic, indeed — so much so that one might even say he sounded combative.

  • USC’87

    I remember the classic Thug U name. Memories…

  • Paul Dee’s Triple Chin

    The only thing I fear, is that Nikias and Haden have worked something out with Emmert. A potential agreement would go as such: Nikias comes out with a statement to the effect that USC will no longer fight the sanctions and in return, Emmert works behind the scenes to get reductions put in place. That way it doesn’t look like USC bullied the NCAA into making concessions (NCAA saves face) and USC gets reduced penalties.

    USC fans can only hope such a resolution is in the works. I doubt it though, as the nude pics I have of Emmert and the late Myles Brand cavorting in a spirited game of all-male twister are still on my hard drive.


  • Mrtravlear726

    Triple Chin: I think if there were any behind the scene’s deals made, it was to blow off the Lane Kiffin matter at UT. They happened on the same day as you probably remember – I’ve been kind of surprised no one has ever suggested this connection but I have always thought there might be a connection.